By screwedwoman27 - 19/06/2011 18:03 - United States

Today, I told my five year old daughter that no, she could not have ice cream for breakfast. She retaliated by pooping in the living room and smearing it on the walls. My in-laws, whom I've been trying to impress for ages, are visiting today. FML
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That's some awesome parenting you must have provided to wind up with a horrible little brat like that - well done!

Sounds like a good, proper spanking is in order.


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You can whip up a good chocolate cake then!:)

Tell them it's a new lifestyle choice, "Tribal Living"

it's the op's fault. should've raised his daughter better.

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this is what happens when we do away with corporal punishment. I'm so sick and tired of this whole timeout , positive reinforcement , politically correct society. spank the child then ground the child. or be prepared to visit them in prison

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13, if you kill someone I bet it's parents fault too huh?

i think your daughter needs excorcising. good luck.

You can't always blame the parent for the actions of the child. Siblings, teachers and anyone else that interacts with the child also set an example of behavior, parents just have a bigger role.

Mmmm delicious... delicious poo.... Well OP, looks like your daughter took care of the appetizer! Just make dinner by finding animal leavings and you should give them a fantastic impression.

LOL Definitely. The devil made her do it. That's... disgusting. Make her clean it. And make her so ashamed she cries.

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op you are in some deep shit.

48 if that was a pun then where is the part I forgot read about OP stepping into a huge pool of shit?

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uhh look at the name.. she's clearly a woman being her name screwedwoman27..

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well 71 the op forgot to mention how she also has the ability to walk on walls so now everytime she does she's in deep shit. DON'T TRY TO GET SASSY WITH ME! lol

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smear her face in it and say, "bad girl! very bad girl!" Or is that just for dogs??

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Follow-up advice to post #15, with whom I whole-heartedly agree: After punishing your li'l darling, keep a keen eye out for the retaliation. You should have known better... she's 5 years old?? This isn't the first time in 5 years the kid has retaliated after you said "no". I guarantee it. (I also agree with posts # 36, 74 and 75... if that was MY kid, her ass would be close to bleeding.... )

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Send her over to Abuela Grande's house. No cookie for her.

My first FML with no comments, YDI or FYL :)

You fail, please try again silly head.

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you fail for calling them silly head

they may not be impressed, but they sure won't forget their visit!

-51 I was just being an ass God no humor in the world.

53 I think he was being humor in the world...right

God damnit, sorry elephant man, I'm too egotestical.

That's some awesome parenting you must have provided to wind up with a horrible little brat like that - well done!

#3 You're what modern scientists call an "asshole". They're an abundant species, tend to travel alone, and usually have tense, unremarkable faces that you just want to shove into a blender for a good hour.

Why is that? Because I can see that no child that has been raised properly would smear shit on walls in a tantrum? Neither my kids nor any child I've ever known would do that. Maybe you would, or your kids (if you have any) but no properly raised child that doesn't have mental health issues would.

That may be so, but you don't just call someone's kid a horrible little brat, face to face or over the Internet. How would you feel if your kid threw a big tantrum and someone came up and said "dude, your kid's a total brat". If it were me, I'd be furious.

Raised properly? Or a completely obedient non free thinking creature? A child raised properly should have outbursts like this, it proves that it's s free thinking creature. This stunt is juvenile and she should be punished but she is a free thinking human, not a robot. You're a ******* idiot. Love You Bro, Epilepsy

If she was being a brat, then I'd probably agree with them & make a joke about abandoning her to live with wolves. I don't give a crap about the opinions of strangers - ESPECIALLY on the internet. And the fact is that prior parenting set the stage for this behavior. Otherwise it wouldn't occur.

Robots? My kids? HAHAHAHA! Oh crap that's so funny! Just because they're not little horrors who smear shit around they're not free thinkers? You're hilarious =D Ever heard of extremism?

"Horrible little brat". Repeat those words in your mind, and imagine someone said it to you about your kids (im assuming from your past comments you have kids). It's definitely harder to vizualize a situation than to experience it, so I'll leave you be for a few minutes. Epilepsy: A kid smearing shit on her parents' walls isn't the sign of a free thinking human. It's the sign of a kid who's either been raised terribly, or a kid with serious mental disorders. Think about that when you go home after a hard day's worth of smoking and ********** furiously.

Hey, dumbshit. I'm saying that saying parenting can prevent something from happening is bullshit. I believe in nature. Not nurture.

@42 I CBF reiterating what I said before. Refer to my comment #32. My opinion hasn't changed =)

You believe in nature, not nurture? Nurturing is part of nature you idiot! And yes, good parenting can and already had prevented children from becoming juvenile delinquints.

#54 I stand by my opinion as well. Yes, bad parenting is the problem here, but I don't think people should blatantly insult other people's children.

I can think of worse things to call a child.. 'Horrible little brat' is better than 'disgusting s**t smearing c**t' or 'disrespectful little retard' See?

Hey crazydawg or whatever your name is. Ever heard of the nature vs. nurture argument? I was saying that if a kid is going to respond to something in a certain way it will be in his DNA, not by how his parents raised him....

also #55 do you understand what the nature vs nurture debate is? Simplified nature = genetics therefore no, nurture is not part of nature..

Crazydawg. My arguments might be a little over your head. just thumb them down and move on.

Granted, I didn't know about the argument, however, I still stand by my opinion that good parenting is important to keeping your child in check.

Epilepsy - You've done absolutely NO credible study on the Nature vs Nurture issue, it's obvious. In pretty much every field, particularly psychology and human development, it is recognised that there is a BLEND of both. In fact, it was mentioned in one of my lectures just a couple of weeks ago that people who come down heavily at either extreme on the scale are obviously poorly informed and should be ignored. Do some research and you will also discover that DNA as such is not "responsible" for behaviours. In addition, your inability to post without imbecillic personal insults attached is also highly indicative of your mental age, which I'd estimate at about 16.

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I completely agree a parent has no control over a child personality that they are born with, a tantrum isn't always bad parenting, people who comment this saying they have kids should know that.

#58 Better not to call them anything if you ask me. #72 May I remind you that smearing shit on the walls isn't a personality. It's the sign of either incredibly bad parenting, or a serious mental disorder. The kid should know that it's completely inappropriate and uncalled for behavior, especially over something as ridiculous as ice cream for breakfast, which the kid should also know is unhealthy. That's not personality; that's inappropriate behavior.

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actually thats only one theory, as you should know there are many, B.F skinner, Albert bandura, Alfred adler were all behaviorists, one theory you fail to recognize is unconscious motivation which you should know is a personality dynamic moron

@ #72 - You can't see that there's an orders-of-magnitude difference between a tantrum and smearing shit on the walls? My kids have both had some screaming, howling writhing-on-the-floor tantrums in their time (some that lasted over an hour - literally tantrummed themselves to sleep) but they've never done anything that even approaches the shit -smearing. I've also known some pretty feral kids in my time and even they have never done anything like that.

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78, u obviously know nothing about psychology

Dysichordia. Buddy. I have actually studied nature vs. nurture very much. You are obviously biased towards your field which I assume to be psychology which tends to look upon nurture or a mixture as the only plausible choice. Granted I am bias as well since I only look at the argument through biology. If you actually kept an open mind in your research you would most likely see that evidence swings both ways and it can be interpreted by individuals. I have done studies and I find that nature guides us not nurture. If you were as learned as you say you are you would realize that different fields have varying interpretations on evidence.

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ever heard of unconscious motivation???? apparently not, how about collective unconscious?? it's called personality dynamics look it up and stop trying to talk about things who have little to knowledge on, even parents don't understand children's actions

Your argument on unconsious motivation means absolutely nothing in this conversation. The only reason that could apply is if the kid had a mental disorder. Otherwise, it means Jack shit.

Epilepsy - You may have studied a little biology, but at your age (yes, I had a look & I'll correct myself - you're 17, not 16) unless you are a Sheldon Cooper you haven't really studied much. When/if you go on to further study, you're going to cringe at your current absolute certainty in a few years. But that's ok - we all do it =) Anyway, I have to leave you all to it for now. Exams to cram for =S Ciao fer now =)

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had a look huh? epilepsy is 22 idiot, apparently you can't do math either, it's a good thing ur studying lol

Actually believe it or not. I was born in 91. Not 94

No, clarkie. Thanks for backing me up but my date was displayed as 1994

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hahaha dumbass it means everything backing up personality and why people do what they do, what did u type it into google to get some info?? can't trust wikipedia darling

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well when I looked it said 89

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must be the app, it screws up all the time on my phone, but either way ur still 20 not 17 lol

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i agree with #3

Take it from a graduate biologist, nurture most definitely has an effect on child rearing, just as nature has its influence. The fact that you're even considering our environment has no consequence on how we adapt, learn, and change our behavior leads me to believe you're misguided on your stance.

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no one said the environment had no affect on anything, environment could mean social or natural, and both views have been discussed already, you should really be more specific Dr.

On nature vs nurture, we still have to recognize the fact that every day presents a set of choices. The individual must decide whether to do good or bad. Nature and Nurture are influences, but not determining factors.

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Ergo personality dynamics and structure

Docscientist. You still fail to understand that I am as stuck in my opinion as you are in yours. There are plenty "graduate" biologists who believe solely in nature.

Sounds like a good, proper spanking is in order.

you probably said that through gritted teeth, from inside prison.

Or through a healthy human mind inside a 2 story house. :/

alright big dog, calm down

So your ok with smearing shit all over your walls?...ok thats not what i would recomend for interior decorating but whatever, your house....

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I totally agree!!! A nice ass whooping

This is pretty funny, until it happens to you.

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I'm sorry but that made laugh... ALOT

thats what your bf says when you get naked

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I would've wiped her face in that poop!

lol sucks for you

I suddenly don't want to have children.

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my brother did this try carpet fresh for smell and magic clean eraser for walls