By ThatGirl - 19/07/2012 15:30 - United States

Today, an idiot decided it would be fun to light up a firecracker in front of our house. It ended with firetrucks, a black yard, and yet somehow the weeds survived. FML
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ohcoolstorybro 14

At least you don't have to cut the grass for a while


What is your definition of a firecracker? I know we are in a heat wave in the us but still what we call a "firecracker" wouldn't be able to do that bottle rockets don't either.

Mortars can do damage if you use them improperly. If the tube falls to the side the bomb could really cause some fire troubles

citymayer 7

Firecrackers and fireworks and whatever else you call them should just be considered the same thing. You set them on fire, they make a loud noise and some sparks. All does the same thing. So it doesn't really matter what it really was.

Oreohugzpenny 4

They never die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡!Revengee :}

I was saying my definition of a firecracker really isn't that big

I used to be a good neighbor, like statefarm! Then I took a firecracker to the lawn.

ohcoolstorybro 14

At least you don't have to cut the grass for a while

ScubaSteve620 3
Inheritance 10

^don't cut weeds you pull them :) so OP will be getting black while pulling weeds

TriflingAllDay 6

"getting black". I feel this was a disguised racist comment.

Did you kick his ass? Torch his yard? Anything? That would have pissed me off!!

I would just pull out the weeds and replant them in his yard.

^ lol. First comment that has made laugh in a while

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Weeds. Resilient little buggers.

Luckily they aren't too much like cockaroaches and stay still.

6 - is it weird that I read that in Crazy Fluttershy's voice?

I did too, Goldenchest. Don't question it. Embrace it.

unknown_user5566 26

Common sense: you're doing it wrong. People like this baffle me. How in the world do you get the bright idea to light off fireworks in front of a house, ESPECIALLY someone else's?

Either he has terrible judgment, or he should be in a mental hospital for being an arson.

TheDrifter 23

Well you certainly wouldn't want to do it in your own yard, you might set the lawn on fire.

True. Why screw with your own yard when you have a neighbor with a perfectly vulnerable yard. Since OP is posting this on FML rather than getting revenge, maybe this dude knew in the first place that she wasn't the kind of person to fight back, and that's why he did it on OP's yard.

unknown_user5566 26

Well you two are being FAR too reasonable, clearly. ;) I'm so used to responding to idiotic comments that I'm not really sure how to handle this thread anymore!

There is a point where even the most passive of people want revenge. OP, if you want to borrow the firework gun my friend and I built, just ask. Just watch where you point it when you light the roman candles.

A bottle of axe and a match should work

whitey53 5

Hey look on the bright side, it didn't reach your house and that moron could possibly get an arson charge.

Adding a new color scheme to the lawn are we?

Yes, the chard black look is very in now. It's very modern!

linkinpark98 23

That's why it's illegal for fireworks and firecrackers to be used in my city. I'm glad I won't have to go through that again!

Its illegal to use them in my city as well, but nobody told the people down the street. :(