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Today, my idiot boss placed an expensive order for anti-bullying banners that read: "Take a stand against bullying!" This would be fine if I didn't work in a specialized school for children in wheelchairs. FML
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I guess that's just how he rolls.

That reminds me of my dad's terrible slogan that he came up with in high school for a project. "employ the handicapped, they won't walk off of the job"


what? what is your question?

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An imogi will turn into a question mark. I so not know how to spell imogi.

It's emoji. I'm kinda surprised I even knew that, with me not being "down with the kids" and all. That wouldn't have sounded so bad if I weren't sixteen.

Accidentally damage the package they come in, yeah part of your budget will be gone but you'll have significantly fewer angry parents and upset kids.

Or just not put up the banners?

I assumed the boss would still want to put them up. Damaging the package is what my manager does when he doesn't want to put up posters head office sends

That's an unfortunate mistake. Hopefully you can get some new posters?

I guess that's just how he rolls.

You evil son of a bitch, I like your style.

. Sorry for the double post... My phone decide it was going to be a piece of shit.

badum tsss lmfao great way to start my morning

That's fucked man. Don't make handicapped jokes. They can't even stand up for themselves.

I wouldn't take that sitting down

katachristic 19

Might need to take a seat after that burn.

Aah, and ye olde pun-war has begun...

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Hopefully you have some new posters on the way. That's embarrassing.

That reminds me of my dad's terrible slogan that he came up with in high school for a project. "employ the handicapped, they won't walk off of the job"

Hopefully those children have a good sense of humor.

It's just a figure of speech, surely the students at your school will recognise that and not be offended? It's kinda like how people think you can't say 'see you later' to a blind person.

Missed the edit window, darn. I'm not saying it's a great slogan and it could probably do with being changed just because of the context it's being used in however I don't agree that it's a horrifically insensitive/offensive slogan.

katachristic 19

Maybe it's not that bad for adults who have been living with their conditions for awhile. But these are children, and it's quite likely some of them are recently handicapped, so it might still sting.

Damn, I hope he changes it soon for something better! Although, I'm sure the kids got a good laugh about it. Most times I meet someone who has been in a wheelchair for a while they end up having a good sense of humor :)

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Bad choice of words