By Anonymous - 7/6/2021 06:01

Cutting corners

Today, we can finally order badly needed safety gear for my crew. My boss flipped his shit, demanding that I "stop bringing it up, it's annoying" for doing my damndest to keep up with industry standards. I was brought to tears for literally doing my job, with no "peers" to back me, since I'm an HR department of one. FML
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By  bleachedraven  |  14

For me, I would think It must be a difficult job, putting your time,effort & heart into keeping your coworkers safe...& then to not have the importance realized, your perspective not received as you wanted when you're working so hard. Keep your head up, you got this...remind them the goal is to get everyone home safe while producing quality work. Some people are stupid & desperately need educated.

By  Pheeeeep  |  10

Meh, just call the feds and get someone official on your side instead! I'm sure he'll buy whatever you need after being threatened with closing down lol