By smokeysarah94 - 04/03/2013 01:17 - Canada - Ottawa

Today, my boss and I had to come up with a code to call if a person acts inappropriately towards me because I "attract too many weirdos." FML
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dr_snow_bear 29

At least your boss cares about you. Be glad.

At least you can say you're attracting customers, even if they are weird.


dr_snow_bear 29

At least your boss cares about you. Be glad.

thatsucks4you 7

Also, your boss isn't a weirdo himself. And what dr_snow_bear said too.

At least you can say you're attracting customers, even if they are weird.

untouchable763 10

Yeah I agree with #1 most employers would just fire you and replace you with all the other degrees that are unemployed. So be happy :)

ilovera 7

If you don't know, take the hint! Sincerely, the Society of Regular People Against the "Weirdos"

It better be waffles.. Bitches love waffles.

I always feel like the strange people at least provide something interesting to my job because there are too many of my coworkers who live to just clock in, work their shift and leave but it's always these people who complain about how boring their job is. A job is what you make it and I'd take a strange person over a boring one to entertain me anyday.

Strange is one thing, inappropriate is another. If the boss has had to make a code with OP chances are these people are creepy and borderline dangerous!

Ah yes but inappropriate is such a subjective term numero ocho yet fear not your point is both acknowledged and validated by me nonetheless

At my job, I get an odd mix. I get drunks, guys that through chairs at TVs, slashed tires (not mine), homeless guys that stare through the window... I could go on. Sometimes I want the boring people.

If you're finding them interesting, I wouldn't call them strange. Maybe eclectic, but not inappropriate. I'm always getting the inappropriate ones, like OP... I wish I got interesting people.

6, you would probably like working with me, I've been working retail since I was 14. I'm a bit ADHD so I'm usually not boring unless I'm absolutely lazy, and even then I have a way of making people laugh. I have a love/hate relationship with work, but who doesn't? :p

Haha a coworkers did this for me too! I understand and it sucks awkward!!

wlddog 14

Sooooo.... Your saying that "pet name" you gave me is actually a distress code?? I may have to return the nametag "Mr Fuzzywuzzy". I am hurt 9.... Deeply hurt.

I have this exact same problem. From a very young age, I have always attracted every weirdo/wacko within a country mile. Keeps my life interesting to say the least. I wouldn't have it any other way. Normality is so over-rated!

One of my close friends (and former coworkers) has the same problem. When we worked together, the creepiest of creepers would bother her. None of us other girls had the problem, and none of us could figure out exactly WHY. It's not like she's any different from any of us!

I honestly don't know either. Maybe it's a chemical attraction/reaction thing... Never a dull moment though. :)

Hey, the creepiest creeps are attracted to me too! I've invested in blinds instead of curtains. Smartest move I've made in a while..

We had to set up a buddy system for leaving work late at night. One of us would drive her (until she got her own car), or our boss would, because some of the weirdoes tried to FOLLOW HER HOME. I've had my share of creeps. My favourite was the middle-aged guy who approached me while I was walking my dog and told me I had "an awesome rack" and asked if I'd show him my ****. I was fifteen. And never happier to have an unfriendly, overprotective grump of a dog.

By code, she means dress code. She dresses up as Nicki Minaj, and then no one even looks at her anymore, voilà!

My compliments! Elegant problem solving.

But Pleonasm "StarShips were meant to Fly". Oops! I take that craziness back. See what happened to me after I kissed that damn Blarney Stone?:P

8: inappropriate is quite the subjective term but yes I see and acknowledge your point

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