By fuck no - 22/08/2015 10:18 - India - Kollam

Today, my husband wanted to use bacon grease as lube. FML
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This would be a good time to stop having kitchen sex. Or never start.


Um, no way. I'm pretty sure having cooking grease in her coochie is a huge health hazard.

Pretty sure she can since that would likely lead to bacterial vaginosis, yeast infection, urinary tract infection. and probably a lot of other stuff.

Looks like someone did their research, #31.

orr 76 I actually know a thing or two about my ******. Maybe I care to know what is good and what is bad when it comes to putting things in it.


Everything is better with bacon

You're really good at offending fat chicks.

somethings you dont have to try to know there stupid. Tell your husband, if hes doing his job right you shouldnt need lube ;-) hehe

#89 You're really good at being a dumb ass.

I think I liked this because you said coochie! No one where I live says coochie!

This would be a good time to stop having kitchen sex. Or never start.

Hey, kitchen sex sounds like a good time. Any kund of (healthy) sex sounds like a good time, actually.

I guess "spicing up things in the bedroom" took on a whole new meaning...

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What can be better than bacon & sex!

Yeah except grease on skin is just uncomfortable and dirty

It would be perfect.. Bacon is love.. Bacon is life..

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Why? Just why? Im gonna go cry in a corner

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Ouch..this makes me hurt thinking about it.

That should be considered assault in my opinion.

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I've learned the hard way not to say anything negative about bacon but wow, such bacon love. Maybe bacon is an aphrodisiac?

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