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Today, my boyfriend of over a year told me he wanted to learn Korean before Spanish. Apparently, being able to sing along to Gangnam Style is more important to him than being able to speak with my family. FML
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Shouldn't more of the focus being on your parents learning the language of the country they live in? Can't really blame him for not catering to your parents when you've only been dating a year. Chances are you will break up sometime, and this is really a choice that should be about what he wants, and not what you want.


Apparently he has his priorities completely wrong. For your sake, I hope he changes his mind.

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Tell him to memorize the lyrics to Gangnam Style.

I agree. You don't need to learn a new language just because you like a song... Learning the lyrics and the translation should suffice.

Plus Spanish is the 3rd most widely spoken language in the world y tambien Ed must facil para aprender, yo aprende espaneol quando yo tenia 2 años

30- también* Ud.(?)* muy fácil* español*

It'll take month or less to learn song and sing it by ear without knowing the language. Some opera singers do that. It takes at least 1 or 2 years to learn new language. And if the only spanish people he talks to are his girlfriend's parents/family, then it probably won't provide him enough motivation to keep learning - you need MUCH more to keep learning. The girlfirend is important. Her family is also important. However, her family is less important. It would make sense to learn language to communicate with girlfriend. Or for the sake of children. Or if he moved to spanish-speaking country. But it would not make sense to learn spanish just because of her family if he lives in US. It would, however, make sense to make him teach her family english.

So he wants to learn how to insult America in another language?

Oops, I forgot it wasn't this particular song. Oh well.

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Those statements kind of ruined the song for me. And he changed his time after he made a fortune in American dollars.

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He made that song years ago after two Korean school girls were run over by an American tank during a military exercise. The soldiers involved served no time or anything. I'm sure most people would have been pissed at the American war machine if it happened in there country. If the girls were American, people here would have been pissed as well. I'm saying this as someone who isn't the fond of gangnum style.

Wtf I was told "Gangnam Style" was the equivalent of "swag."

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15 - what happened was bad, yes, but his comments went WAY beyond the pale. Calling for the torture of women and children associated with the military? That's disgusting no matter who said it or in what context.

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15, absolutely not. Two Koreans were killed in an accident. Yes, this is bad. But your response: "Kill and the torture the families of American soldiers!!" That is much worse. I'd like to hear an example of calling for the intentional killing of innocent people by Americans after a tragedy? Or Europeans for that matter. The fact that he didn't mind taking millions of dollars "from the american war machine" shows that he's a sell out as well.

Well that song was cool the first fifty times I heard it. Now it's another overplayed song.

Your boyfriend is obviously a communist

That's kind of extreme, even if sarcasm was intended.

He wants to communicate through singing and dancing.

Looking up the lyrics for Gangnam Style and learning them should be enough.. though it's again just another overplayed song.

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How do you say priorities in Spanish?

No seas tonto guey. Use google translate.

the word you are looking for is "prioridades"

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I would want to know what their talking about when I'm at the buffet or getting my nails done.

Not all people who work at a buffet or nail salon are Korean. In my area most nail salons are owned and operated by Vietnamese families.

Korean is a tough language to learn... Since he grew up speaking English, he won't even be able to hear some of the inflections that are needed to speak Korean. Hopefully he wises up after a class or two and takes Spanish.

You are wrong. Korean is actually easier to catch onto than Spanish for many who attempt it. It is also a more valuable language to have knowledge of in larger cities as it can often be the deciding factor in who gets hired for jobs. Asians are getting to a point of having a lot of influence in the US so any asian language is better to know than spanish since everyone and their mom already speak it.

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Too bad you didn't meet him when Las Ketchup was the PSY of the times. Quel dommage!

Aserejé ja deje Dejebe tu dejebe Sebi unuova majabi Ande bugui ande güididipi - Thank you, now I have that tune stuck in my head :)

I never understood why they called themselves ketchup seeing how the common word in Spanish is catsup. Further more, lets sing along! Aserejé,je ja je je jabe tu de jevere sebiunouva majavi an a budui an a buididipí (x3)