By Anonymous - 21/08/2015 19:02 - United States - Minneapolis

Today, I overheard my husband telling his friend that he wished a zombie apocalypse would happen in real life, so he could take me out back and shoot me without having to worry about going to prison. FML
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Does that mean the only thing stopping him from killing you is law? i really think you should divorce his ass!

If you have a husband that thinks so negatively of you, you guys should talk. It won't get better by ignoring it, be honest and open about your feelings, don't lie it'll only get worse!


DaEpicTaco 13

Wow what a bad husband FYL op.

But what a great plan!!!

I wonder what she did to her beloved husband ...

Nah come on, he feels Like that and didn't do antthing yet? Sounds Like a regular husband to me!

ordon 14

I'll never understand why it's funny for straight marriages to be considered horrible or a trap, or for the spouses to hate each other.

IAmzephyr 22

Well, that's disturbing. time for a nice long talk

That hopefully ends in divorce papers being passed around.

ProximityToDeath 20

Now seems like a reasonable time to panic. Run. Run fast and far.

Agreed. This is really disturbing thought

What did you do for him to have such thoughts?

My thoughts exactly.

I'm hoping it was a joke on the husband's part-- male bonding, complaining about the wife, guy talk. I hope. Still disturbing, but I'm going to hope it's a joke.

Iwannarock1 19

It's probably what she's NOT doing in the bedroom, that is the problem....

Run. Just run.

Now let him overhear you talking about how to cover up murdering your husband.

an eye for an eye ?

JustinJK 21

Makes the whole world blind.

if he is unstable that could push him over the edge and kill her...

Tell him that you wish he was a horse so you could break his ankle and shoot him. Or just talk seriously, but really, what's the good in that?

Does that mean the only thing stopping him from killing you is law? i really think you should divorce his ass!

Or shoot his ass and claim you thought he was a zombie.

This is the most fucked up marriage I've ever seen here.

JustinJK 21

You didn't see my parents marriage...

Pretty sure that the law is what keeps most people from killing people.

JesusChrist69 3

yah what's up bro? better not ask for winning lottery tickets again.

How about an ark then? Never mind I think I Noah a guy

O_B_A_M_A 15

How about a hot girlfriend then

khoov19 20

WOW, what a great guy!!!!!

I guess no one understands sarcasm anymore.