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Today, my son paid the price for emulating his idols, aka the sub-human scum on Jersey Shore. He called me from jail and actually had the balls to try to guilt me into bailing him out, after he'd been arrested for punching his girlfriend at a liquor store. FML
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KittyJay 3

Leave him there. Punk bitches hit women...

calaholic35 0


Your son deserves to be castrated and strung up by his thumbs, end of story.

keven501 12
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calaholic35 0

I can't believe some of the male population sometimes..

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hooligyn123 18

Just remember... Every time you watch an episode of Jersey Shore a book commits suicide.

Jersey shore is like an FML, your siting there being glad that that person is not you

GirlOnFire143 6

They're all trash on that show... don't even get me started on "Snooki".

Anyone who watches Jersey Shore are fucken idiots. Leave him jail, OP.

FPC. That's all you need Fist pump Push up Chapstick

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ravenh1979 13

That doesn't always mean the parents did a bad job. Everyone is accountable for their own actions and can make there own choices. However, I absolutley agree that hitting women ( or a woman hitting a man for that matter) is no way right or acceptable.

yeah I wouldn't blame jearsy shore. I think your son is just a terrible human being.

Marcella1016 31

I hate how they limit the length of comments -_- Part 1- I'm sorry to be the one to point this out. It's ****** up the guy hit his girlfriend, but what does that have to do with Jersey Shore? None of the cast members has hit a woman. In one particular episode, a drunk guy at a club hit Snooki, and it was heavily (and rightfully) frowned upon. The guy was arrested, and every cast member, male and female, came to Snooki's defense. The show DOES show men disrespecting women. It is normal for the guys to bring home a different woman every night and treat her like crap if she doesn't have sex with him. But the show does not advocate hitting women. Im just annoyed that your son gets arrested for punching his girlfriend and your first thought is "Yep it's that Jersey Shore."

Marcella1016 31

Part 2 Obviously there are outside factors in raising children, but you can't blame society for everything. How about you sit down and talk to your son? Nine times out of ten, if he's old enough to buy liquor, he's too old to be that heavily influenced by a tv show. Look at YOUR parenting, and sit down and have a chat with your son. All the commenters here are so caught up in bashing Jersey Shore that they've ignored your knee-jerk reaction to blaming a tv show when your son obviously has SERIOUS issues.

a few million Brain cells probably commit suicide aswell. They will never come back :(

199- I dislike jersy shore because whenever I go to the actual jersy shore (near where I was born) everyone gives me a freaked out look and I have to explain that it's actually a nice place. That show gives New Jersy as a whole a bad name, and I only watched it once! Ok... Rant is over. Carry on.

Marcella1016 31

207 - what does this have to do with OP's son punching his girlfriend? If you don't like the show don't like the show. But don't blame it on your GROWN son not knowing how to act like a man. I stand by what I said earlier.

tmmundy 17

197/199...sorry, however I only read the first few lines of your comment, if I wanted to know about "JS"...I would watch that trashy show. OP, should leave her dumb ass son in jail until he grows up. And maybe you could do something more productive other than watching trash tv, just my opinion, don't go and get pissy. =)

Seriously, I grew up in New Jersey, and I repeatedly have to explain to people that the entire state is *not* full of fake-tanned, duck-facing, douchebag morons like on the TV show. OP, I'd leave his sorry ass to rot in jail. Maybe I'd consider bailing him out if he were genuinely remorseful and promised to seek counseling or therapy to help with some serious anger-management issues. But no, apparently he's just a douchebag who chose to emulate other douchebags he saw on a TV show.

Jersey shore is the worlds fml. Especially now that they've shown up in Italy or wherever the hell they went. Their trashiness is attemptin to take over one country at a time

missamazinggg 12

197/199- OP didn't blame the show entirely. Her son probably talks and dresses like them, as she said her son idolizes them.

And you have the balls to say no too him.

iAmScrubs 19

197/199: you're a straight-up idiot.

Marcella1016 31

245 - I'm an idiot for saying that OP should take responsibility for raising his son, rather than blaming a tv show for his son (who was caught at a liquor store, so I assume he is at least 21) PUNCHING A WOMAN? The guy should absolutely rot in jail, I wholeheartedly agree. But, again, I don't see what Jersey Shore has to do with this. Replace "Jersey Shore" with "video games" or "the media" or any number of things and you would all be singing a different tune. But I'm an idiot for calling out OP on making an irrelevant connection to Jersey Shore and his asshole of a son. Right.

The "NOT"joke is clearly from another era.

iAmScrubs 19

F@Marcella: I'm not calling you an idiot because of you pointing out that the irrelevance of how this FML is related to Jersey Shore, I'm calling you an idiot because of how irrelevant it is for you to point out Irrelevance of how this FML is related to Jersey Shore. Although most 21 year olds I know may uphold some family values and traditions, they aren't really a product of what their mother or father has made them to be anymore. Yes, Jersey Shore may not have had anything to do with the FML, but I'm pretty sure I'd still be saying "**** My Life" if I had found out my son had been arrested for such a petty and, for lack of a better word, disgusting crime as was committed. Yes, Jersey Shore may not have anything to do with it and I'm sorry that you're butthurt because someone said something bad about your favorite show, but I just don't understand why you're so hung up as to why Jersey Shore was mentioned instead of the media. It takes nothing away from the FML.

What's next? Are they gonna trash over Chile? And I live in Jersey. Especially near Seaside Heights. (I live in Toms River btw)

austinnicole 3

Thank you Dr. Phil . If you have or are planning to have children , then you would know that the media and society itself does influence the way kids act . Parenting isn't the only factor that determines how a child is as a grown up, but also the things they see around them on a daily basis .

KittyJay 3

Leave him there. Punk bitches hit women...

gurly98 13

She deserved it for raising a kid like that

It's a "he"- and if he's shocked enough by his kids behaviour to put it on this site, I'm pretty sure that's not true.

I don't understand how women want to be treated equally if everyone including women think that men are scum for hitting a girl but they are "manly" for hitting a guy... it makes no sense essentially you are calling women a weak sex.

Parents are blamed too much nowadays, even though friends are just as influential.

50 if you let a kid watch spiderman, they would most likely try to act like spiderman no matter how wellypu raise him. OP might have made a mistake by letting their child watch a show like that but you can not always make sure your kid does good things. I don't think what OP's son actions did had anything to do with how OP raised him.

CaramelMacchiato 13

I agree you with 100% #67! Plus, you're more likely to interact with the kids in your school than your parents, so that environment plays a big part of your life.

rino1 2

72: good point but I'm sure his father didn't "let" him watch JS, he's in a liquor store so he's probably 21+

What's with all the men hitting women comments? It wrong the other way around to if a woman hits a man. If a random woman hit me I would retaliate with full force, not really any need to base it on gender.

I hope your son bragged about beating his girlfriend in prison so some hardcore thug can beat his ass and tear him a new asshole.

If it was the girl punching the boyfriend she wouldn't have to go to jail for it no one would think twice about it.

Agreed, #3! If your kid is that much of a twit... Needs to learn his lesson. ... Punk ass ************.

BunBunBabe 8

If he can't use words to explain himself to a woman he's not a true man

TheFamilyElf 17

Hitting anyone is unnecessary, but I think the reason it's such a big deal if a man hits a woman is because, physically, many women are built smaller and weaker than some men. (I know there are exceptions-you go ladies!) This is not to say the female gender is weak, because only a moron could say women don't do hard work. (Hello, pregnancy and kick ass women doing so called "men's jobs") I look at it this way, though. I am pretty sure I'm done growing at 5'4" and 110 lbs. If the average man hit me, I couldn't retaliate, really. And he'd be an asshole. :P it's not a feminist standpoint; it's simply the truth. Oh no, I'm over thinking it... It's an fml... Sorry to ramble, everyone:P

YakuzaxGeneralz 9

104: I'm not sure where op is from but liquor stores dont sell just alcohol. You dont have to be 21 to enter.

Dom925 1

You DO have to be 21 in the U.S. unless you live in some super hick place where they regard beer with more reverence than breast milk and wean their children onto it, at a pace that reflects such awe. 135, Did you know that many men are physically weaker than many women? The issue here isn't about hitting weaker people. It's that there is a double standard for men, (yes, I know, just like there are double standards for women), and yet anytime anyone tries to bring it up they get booed down like they said something wrong. This site is a perfect example. Almost half of the buried comments on this fml are about exactly this inequity and yet no one realizes how hypocritical it is to be outspoken about the equality of women but thumb down those talking men. A perfect example of this is the statement a few comments down, "A man that hits a woman is not a man." A far better way to get the meaning of this statement across is to say, A person that hits

Dom925 1

A far better way to get the meaning of this statement across is to say, A person that hits a weaker person, deserves no respect but instead, even today, the "person deserving of respect" and "man" are interchangable words while "weaker person" and "woman" are just as equivalent. Its's the overall issue with chivalry, as it's a system based in the belief that women are incapable of helping themselves. Asking to be treated with chivalry is the same as asking to be treated as less than a "person deserving of respect."

In Arizona you can enter the liquor store to buy tobacco at 18..

The laws must be different there... I was allowed to go into a liquor store before I was of legal age to drink. Shopkeepers even asked if I wanted any help, told them I was looking at liquor for my 18th, going to buy when I had my birthday, and they didn't even bat an eyelash at it.

xStaciexLynnx 15

178/179- Chivalry is dead. No, really. My boyfriend and I are mutually respectful to each other and that's how many relationships are now. It also does not come from women being weaker. It comes from the time when men were knights. Also, I find it hard to believe many women are stronger than men. I don't know any women stronger than their man (not that it doesn't happen, just that it's not often). And finally, when a man punches or hits, he is usually REALLY punching or hitting. That is the problem. If I punched my boyfriend he'd laugh at me cause it tickled. There will never be equality due to the physical and mental nature of each gender but you can't act like men are the victim in it all. It is what it is.

Not true. I went to jail for a night for hitting my boyfriend.

mollysticks 10

64- How about no one should be hitting anyone?

tmmundy 17

133...that's where you're wrong, whoever the aggressor is, male or female, that person would be going to jail. My husband is a police officer, so I know what I am talking about....and he has taken, both male and female to jail, so there is a question to it!!!

I understand what people mean when they say that the entire gender/hitting issue is a double standard, but it really can't be generalized so thoroughly to men and women. However, if that's exactly what we're doing, I think it's fair and safe to say that as the average woman is a smaller build than the average man, what with testosterone and all that jazz, females really are the weaker gender. But remember, by this we mean physically weaker. Things like pregnancy are matters of willpower and patience, and so in no way does being physically weaker make you the worse gender or anything. It balances out with our ups and downs as each gender. Of course, everything has exceptions, but I think this is the fairer generalization, and of course I myself would never hit a girl (who didn't deserve it [just kidding]).

178- I live in Ri and there are some liquor stores that let you enter at any age providing they sell coke, chips things like that.

Dom925 1

It probably depends on the state. At 20, I was asked to leave a cigar shop because they happened to sell alcohol too. 186, I'm not sure you know what you're talking about. Knights weren't gloriously principled, paragons of manhood. They were just men, prone to all the same mistakes and appetites of modern day men. They would have a wife and think nothing of being with a mistress because "supposedly" a woman was satisfied with seeing her man every once in a while, but the knight is such an important person that he needed to be satisfied by as many women as he wanted. Also note that I didn't say most women; I said many women. If only 1% of women were stronger than a man then that would still be more than 34 million. How many is many to you? Honestly, all it takes is one for my point to be valid. I never said men "are the victim," I said that there is a double standard being covered up by another double standard and it's all very hypocritical. And finally, are you serious? I promise you, men can pull their punches too if they want. We are talking about people actually hurting other people here, not middle-school flirting techniques. There's also something I'd like to clear up. I am very polite, almost "chivilrous" in my everyday actions, especially to my girlfriend, with whom I also enjoy a mutually respectful relationship. However, I hold the door for both men and women. I don't discriminate between the two, and if a woman seriously attacked me, I'd be ashamed if I didn't defend myself, whatever that took.

eccentricchic 5

Precisely why your a weak bitch it's a known fact men are stronger than women retaliation in a physical form could do waay more damage why wouldn't u just call the cops moron

punk bitches hit people, not just women.

lenalee96 22

Wow! And how old us your son? Is he even old enough to be in a liquor store? O.o

OP, did you ever sit on a bike the wrong way when you were younger?

Donat96 20

Leave him there. He contributes nothing to society.

golfman717 0

He doesn't just contribute anything, he demotes the world...

golfman717 0

He doesn't just not contribute he demotes it...assholes

Unless his girlfriend looks like Snooki. Then they both deserved it, and Op should send him to a boot camp.

Society shouldn't have to put up with people him take him out back and blow his brains out

KingCeltic77 18

Good to know America has such admiring role-models. It's disgraceful how the "stars" on that show are famous and demand to get paid for making an ass of them self. Yet there are honest folk who can barely get by. What's happened to this country?

Is sad to see how the cast of Jersey Shore gets more admiration and respect than any of our scientists, doctors, and professors.

KingCeltic77 18

There is something wrong with society.

MikeMikeTheAzn 3

Thats the same thing i said when i saw your profile pic ;)

That is exactly what i said when i saw your profile pic ;)

That's what i said when i saw your profile pic ;)

And that is why i hate the I Phone FML app

Not gonna lie, I thumbed up your comment cuz of the boobs.

What would a bananacow sound like...? Moo, I am a banana?

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That's why I like splitting the check also because, why should it be "the man's job"? I apparently wanted to go on the date too.

You sound pretty ignorant. Those who advocate gender equality don't expect a man to pay.

It use to be the mans job to pay the bill because he had the job or the higher paying job. I believe it's still acceptable today because a lot of men still have higher paying jobs then women.

I believe the bill should be spilt if both people have a job. I do think that the man should pay for special occasions though (her birthday, anniversary, etc.)

The man is usually the provider for a women or household. It is uncommon to find stay at home dads. It's just nature. A lion doesn't sit with it's cubs while the lioness goes out and hunts.

22cute 17

I think the person who does the inviting is the one who treats. Unless s/he makes it clear that it's halfsies, I.e. "Want to meet at the ball game?" or "get together for drinks" It's fair and it's clear.

You do know that the lion sits on his butt in the shade while the lioness's in the pride go and bring home the kill, right? The male lion does nothing until it gets there. The females normally "bring home the bacon". Only male lions without a pride hunt, and that's only cause they don't have the females to do it for them. Just sayin.

Vash_41288 10

@137... Wait are you joking about the lion thing because you do know that lioness do all the hunting actually and the lion eats what they worked for, he does hunt but its mostly the females who do the hunting in a pride.

Justy101 23

Um actually the lioness is the hunter... Your ignorance annoys me.

merryhappy1887 20

Are you stupid? The lioness does ALL the hunting, then has to wait for the lazy ass males to eat before they can get the scraps. Men of all gender just suck.

182- "men of all gender just suck"? Are you retarded?

195-Don't mind her. Her blind feminism is rotting her brain right before our eyes.

Prodigy7 4

137, the lionesses ARE the ones that go out and hunt.

Accually the lion does since it's Maine is to much of a give away. To easy to spot. So only the female lions hunt.

I let the guy pay because I dont let him do anything else. But I'm for gender equality.

Omg 137 usually ignorance annoys me but that was just too funny.

KiddNYC1O 20

This person doesn't watch enough Nat Geo. It's clearly the lioness clinging on that buffalo's ass, all the time.

The man should not have to pay all himself on the anniversary, it's not just her anniversary, it's his too

knight0748 5

Go there and piss on the little douch and that would teach him a lesson.

I know he punched his girlfriend but really piss on him? Why?

Men who are disrespectful to women don't deserve respect. Pissing is a bit much, though. Know who else doesn't deserve respect? Guys who break up with girls when they're "too nice". I think that's shit.

knight0748 5

Get outta here, pissing on people solves problems... Just look at R Kelly.

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Wow, that's a little over the top and a horrible thing to say.

I agree with u 30, thats a little over the top. It doesn't have to be a horrible painful fire, just a painful fire is sufficient.

MarisaCB 16

While not how I would've phrased it, in a way, they're right. I mean, LOOK at todays role models! Intelligence is America is pathetic. A tenth grader asked me a few weeks ago what the HOLOCAUST was! So cleansing the gene pool... not so terrible of an idea.

9- went a little overboard on that one...

ravenh1979 13

That is so not cool! He's an asshole, but damn! How would u feel if someone said that to u about your child!

Speaking of the holocaust... That entire idea of "cleaning the gene pool" didn't go down so well with other people, historically...