By drastech99 - 23/09/2011 06:22 - United States

Today, my wife got so upset I didn't hold her while Snooki from Jersey Shore was crying, that after the episode was done she locked herself in our room crying. Now I have to sleep on the floor of my living room. Thanks Snooki. FML
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saIty 17

Snooki: Worsening the life of one person everyday.


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chell1894 13

She's gonna be really crying when someone finally just kills Snookie

GrammarNazzzzzi 6

Or... If you wanna make her cry now, enter the room singing.. "Oompa Loompa doompadeedoo She looks like her face was hit by a shoe" ...or something like that XD

She kinda does.... She's an ugly alcoholic who is famous for literally nothing at all.

Snooki is a short, fat, crab infested Oompa Loompa and the quicker she dies of alcohol poisoning, the better!:) OP, time for a new wife maybe? I know I wouldn't tolerate that bullshit.

Jammy01jams 2

Bitches be crazy? Bitches be crazy...

Jersey shore is a pathetic excuse for a t.v show and anyone who likes it is a brain dead idiot

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#29 was being sarcastic lol. when snooki was crying, all she was saying was "I don't deserve this!" :P

crazychick1269 7

y'all are just jealous you can't fist pump :P

You don't have a couch in your living room?

why do chicks insist on forcing their husbands/boyfriends watch this idiocy I feel bad for these guys

drawmesunshine 17

I like Snooki. I don't understand why she gets so much shit from everyone. Granted, I've only seen, like, two episodes, but she seems like a sweetheart :/

So, I had to look up this jersey shore.... People watch that shit? FYL, OP. that's stupid :(

icanhazblivions 1

you had to look up the jersey shore?!?! crazy... I thought they had infiltrated the world with t-shirt time...

monkeys1315 0

I like jersey shore. Though I prefer vinny or Jenny to snokki. It was sad when she was crying

chell1894 13

No 34 she and the cast are famous for drinking and having sex. Pathetic

FYL because ur wife watches Jersey Shore :/

Man, you deserved it -_-" if ur actually going out with a girl that needy and emotional you should see this shit coming

Yeah it does in multiple ways; stop being a bitch, the house is as much your as it is hers, break the door open if you need to. It's amazing to see how many men let their wives tell them to sleep on the couch

I agree with you, she doesn't, but that guy needs a real woman as wife not a child like that, to hear things like that makes me sick, or not, cuz if a guy married a woman like that he deserves it.

I don't cuz if they are with a 'b...' like that, yes he then deserves it.

godofcyanide 8

I'll start by agreeing 100% with #51. I work in a HS, and many of the kids actually do sort of look up to the JS clowns. The ultimate problem with reality TV is that it's not real at all. The producers contrive the situations and the "stars" ad lib through the scenarios... but their reactions are "guided" by the producers. (For the record, two friends of mine have been on reality shows.) So, what's worse than idolizing jerks? Idolizing jerks who are really just laughing at you laughing at them, while they fatten their pockets while you watch them do it. It's all about the money - which isn't wrong. I just shake my head when I see kids wanting to live the Jersey Shore life, when what they're seeing as "the life" is, to some degree, fiction.

Your stupid. 1. Being snookie, If I lived a life where the world thinks of me as some bitchy ass alcoholic ***** as a person in my daily life then why would i be comfortable with it if i really wasnt? 2. I watched the show, I gave it a chance, I find Blue Planet on Discovery Channel more fascinating...

#99 I had to look it up too. And I thank Ceiling Cat, for the fact that people like us still exist.

LMAO, good one. Its funny how all drunk people do is repeat the same thing over and over again:P

mandymjm78 0

Ur wife is stupid for crying over jersey shore!!!

godofcyanide 8

256, to your first point, two things: She's worrying about what people think about her as she cashes an episode's paycheck that looks like your or my yearly salary. Second, there really is no such thing as bad press. One of my reality show friends was the show's douchiest character, and the response he gets in public is largely positive, especially when they realize he's not much of a douche in real life.

It's a REALITY tv show dummy!!!!!!!!!! How dumb are you

godofcyanide 8

Smarter than you. Read my first comment here about just how "real" reality TV is. I await your correction.

1waytoolive 1

Thanks to snooki he isn't getting any nooki.

I think it's more "Thanks to snooki, they gonna break up"

85 - If a wife leaves you over THIS, then it's probably for the best. I can't imagine what would happen if they were to get in a fight.

Serious question: What the hell is a Snooki?

oh wow... sorry about that, that sucks

I would just leave. ******* jersey shore running the world

Man up and dump the bitch, and why is there a tv in the kitchen anyways

Agreed... It's kinda OPs fault for marrying an idiot... Torn between YDI and FYL...

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That's why these Mormons need to stop marrying 7 year olds!

Oompa loompas have no rights, Snookie85. Silence!

Oompa loompas have no rights, Snookie85. Silence!

Oompa loompas have no rights, Snookie85. Silence!

#214 #215 #216 "You stupid or somethin' kid?"

saIty 17

Snooki: Worsening the life of one person everyday.

I have a solution and it rhymes with Burst Marie Murmur. Or fuckshot.

Worst Furry Wormer? Cursed Slurry Germer? I'll never figure this out.

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SNOOKI is a great person.!I love her:)

You are dumb... Snooki is the biggest drama queen and attention seeker in the world

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Hah. At least you're not sleeping outside in the doghouse ;)

RebekahBrooke 9

Agree. She needs to grow up. And she shouldn't be watching Jersey Shore, either.

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I think you have some bigger issues if your wife wants you to hold her during Jersey Shore.

How old is your wife? She seriousy needs to grow up.