By MorlockWarlock - United States - Chesterton
Today, I was let go from my dream job. My manager said he couldn't keep me busy all day, and so he didn't need me. He still has a "Help Wanted" sign up. FML
MorlockWarlock tells us more :
Hey OP here. Thanks for all the supportive and helpful comments. To answer any questions though, I do live in Indiana which is a right to work state so I'm not going to get anywhere with that. My ex manager had just hired in to the company about 2 weeks before. I definitely got the feeling that he didn't like me much so it was probably a personal vendetta for him. It's not like I was working to fast either. I was working for a Ford dealership as a line mechanic. I was on company book time. I'm not worried about it now though. It was probably for the best. Thank again though
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  nonsensical  |  26

I'm thinking maybe he wants to hire someone knew on different conditions? As in they would be working much less hours and (maybe) he knew that OP wanted a full-time position? That's the only positive thing i can think of, and the boss should've explained that to OP if that were the case... Just thinking out loud, who knows!

  Axel5238  |  29

This is possible. Have a friend who owns a game store and he repeatedly had to tell 1 guy what to do even though the guy claims he's worked for years as a Game Stop manager. There is always something to do hopefully wasn't OP's situation or as someone said above they might just want to work a few hours here and there just not full time.

  juturnaamo  |  29

His boss let him go in the best possible way. Being let go like this instead of fired for incompetence means he shouldn't have issues with unemployment and he can just put on job applications the reason his boss told him when asked why he left.

By  Ruffneck101  |  12

It's possible there just is a lack of work, it's possible he's just being a dick, it's also possible you just couldn't do the job properly or efficiently enough. Whatever the reason, only the ladder can be improved upon by you. Good luck to you OP.

  EarlFug  |  19

Ruffneck, good reply and I agree. But psst, it's "latter". Don't think OP is working on ladders.

Only say this because this community seems to enjoy helping each other with comments.