By TMI - / Wednesday 5 August 2009 19:36 / United States
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By  Calaura9  |  0

You could have taped it closed you perv.

  andie_lala  |  0

His home address is only one digit difference from the work address and it was in a stack of work-related boxes from UPS. Super easy to not notice it had been delivered to the wrong place, so lay off. If I'd noticed it was for the other address I wouldn't have opened it.

  MyzticHydra  |  0

hmm only guys would think like that what if shes straight and doesnt like being bi? unless her boss is one sexy devil then i would understand the threeway other than that i doubt she would try it also you can get sued for blackmail

  wbrycem  |  0

How, exactly, is the person who is required to open the mail a perv when he finds sex toys in a box he was supposed to open? Sorry, stupid question


Today, my best friend, who I've been in love with for nearly a decade, asked me to help him set up an online dating profile. During our 4-hour conversation, as he waded through the profiles, he complained that it was impossible for him to find a girl to have a meaningful conversation with. FML

By EosThorn - / Thursday 2 October 2014 01:33 / Sweden - V?xj?

Today, my girlfriend broke up with me. She said it's a good thing, because it was a "mutual decision", and that while she wouldn't mind staying together, I was the one who wanted to split, and she respected my decision. I wish I had been a part of this delusional conversation. FML

By Teh_dw33bin4tor - / Thursday 15 March 2012 12:12 / Australia
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