By TMI - 05/08/2009 19:36 - United States

Today, I was opening and sorting mail for my boss as part of my job. One package was delivered to the office instead of his home by mistake, since his house is next door on the same property. I didn't notice until I had opened it. I had to hand my boss an opened box of toys. Kinky ones. FML
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Well, at least they were kinky... Otherwise, this would be weird.

missmeliss0309 0

how are they a perv? they are required to open the mail... O_O


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First time I've seen **** spammed on here.

epic win if it was an email which is obviously not the case but roflcopter anyway

You could have taped it closed you perv.

missmeliss0309 0

how are they a perv? they are required to open the mail... O_O

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How does that make him a perv in anyway?

andie_lala 0

We don't do any shipping out of that office so there was no packing tape available. Believe me, I looked.

You could have realized it was an accident.

I don't really think you should've opened it considering it was intended to be delivered to his home - it might be something, personal.

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Cant you read? He said "I didnt notice until i had opened it." If its got the right name who looks to see if the adress is right?

andie_lala 0

His home address is only one digit difference from the work address and it was in a stack of work-related boxes from UPS. Super easy to not notice it had been delivered to the wrong place, so lay off. If I'd noticed it was for the other address I wouldn't have opened it.

He didn't know that it was supposed to go to his home before he opened it

maybe theres a way you can get something out of this, just sayin'

teehee, blackmail him for it, it just might work, if not ouch, besides, maybe you can ask for a 3-way with his wife?

hmm only guys would think like that what if shes straight and doesnt like being bi? unless her boss is one sexy devil then i would understand the threeway other than that i doubt she would try it also you can get sued for blackmail

that sucks-good luck coping with work and seeing him every day now

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Another curious case of awkward turtle?

"kinky ones" ? as opposed to the normal, boring ones.

How, exactly, is the person who is required to open the mail a perv when he finds sex toys in a box he was supposed to open? Sorry, stupid question

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you know you wanted to use those toys with him