By HadEnough - 28/02/2023 22:30 - India - Hyderabad

Today, I asked my husband to be a little more responsible, pick up after himself, and spend a little less. I earn more than he does, so it's usually my money that he splurges. He has gone on a non-stop tantrum for the past 5 hours, giving me the cold shoulder, and shouting at me. What have I gotten myself into? FML
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So you earn a bit more money than him. And it gives you the right to boss him around and feel that it's your money? This is a big red flag for him, and while usually money abusive is done the other way around it's still does not make it right

You're merging finances, but calling it your money. My husband makes less and spends more, but it's OUR money he's spending, not mine, because our finances are merged. Once it hits the joint account, it's not just mine. If it's to the point of impacting your household expenses, set up a separate account that you immediately move money for bills into (I have my direct deposit split between our spending account and our bill pay account). If you're jealous that you can't spend freely because he's spending freely, separate your finances. But don't merge finances and call it your money. I'd expect my husband to be upset if I held it over his head that I make more so he has less rights to spending but still pretended we're equal by giving him access to the money I'm complaining about him spending.