By AmySweet - United States
Today, my husband bought me a cinnamon roll because my blood sugar was dangerously low. My first bite was easily the most delicious thing I'd eaten since getting pregnant. As I sat in frosting coated ecstasy, my husband snatched up the rest of the pastry and finished it himself. FML
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  5t3ff1k4h  |  44

172 - Her blood sugar was DANGEROUSLY low. I doubt she'd have the energy or time before she inevitably fainted to go get her own. Fuck you and your idiocy.

  sulitak  |  27

then you buy two. you don't take it from your wife with dangerously low blood sugar. ESPECIALLY a pregnant wife. that kind of shit can effect your future child. Her health needs to come first when pregnant.

Now, I can see my DH stealing HALF if I wasn't preggers... so if you aren't lying about joking and/or missed the pregnant part I can kinda see how you thought the joke would be funny. But still, health problems should still trump your liking a food

  Iheartfunny  |  1

I love the way OP described it.Because I once sat in frosting coated extasy. But not the same way she did .Brings back alot of memories... warm sticky memories *sigh*