By AmySweet - 18/08/2011 21:41 - United States

Today, my husband bought me a cinnamon roll because my blood sugar was dangerously low. My first bite was easily the most delicious thing I'd eaten since getting pregnant. As I sat in frosting coated ecstasy, my husband snatched up the rest of the pastry and finished it himself. FML
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My mouth was watering reading this..

....Must I point out the obvious? Your husband is a dick...


he should've bought 2 then

sounds really good. probably would've done the same

you have exceptional food describing skills

Should've eaten quicker :D

Frosting coated ecstasy? Sounds kinky.

I love how you added an 'lol' after you raged. :)

Whoops ^ that reply went to the wrong comment.

HE bought it and was nice enough to give you some..... I don't see the problem

I guess chivalry is dead after all.....

Haha ((: u can only eat so fast when ur having a food orgasim (:

Duh-uh It's a recession!

Hide yo' pastries!

76 :D I love your picture

She should have gotten her ass up and got one, hell he was nice enough to give her a bite, he never said anything about the whole thing.

OP says clearly that it was bought for HER cause of her low blood sugar, not him and she just got a bite


172 - Her blood sugar was DANGEROUSLY low. I doubt she'd have the energy or time before she inevitably fainted to go get her own. Fuck you and your idiocy.

Ha! XD I love that comment.

My mouth was watering reading this..

Make one yourself. You're a girl. duhhhh

29-I really hope you're being sarcastic.

Mine as well. Heading to the store to buy some cinnamon rolls... RIGHT NAO!

I just found cinnamon rolls in my refrigerator and I can't believe I got so lucky. I have to eat them now. It's an unspoken fml rule.

2 has a pregnancy fetish

Most females do, it seems like

Omg that reminded me about the cinibuns in the fridge to bad I'm too lazy to cook or spell correctly

I ate me some cinnamon rollllllllllllllllz XD!

As rude as that was, your life is hardly screwed. Go get another one.

cinnamon rolls are delicious.

Cinammon rolls baking in your oven...OMG. The delicious aroma fills your entire house!

I'm allergic to cinnamon :(

I'm allergic to cinnamon :(

On the other hand, fat rolls are atrocious

Damn right they are!

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You'd rip a cinnamon roll out of your spouse's hand when their blood sugar is dangerously low...? Damn, I feel sorry for whoever marries you.

nobody likes your pic. thats why the thumbs down. take the hint. try having an awesomer pic like mine

Your pic scares the shit out of me, I don't find that epic....

57- ha! Ur name reference

actually I like your picture and it's probably what I would have done. but afterward I would throw a packet of fruit gushers at her.

Sorry y'all take a joke? I would never really do that..cinnamon rolls are yummy.

then you buy two. you don't take it from your wife with dangerously low blood sugar. ESPECIALLY a pregnant wife. that kind of shit can effect your future child. Her health needs to come first when pregnant. Now, I can see my DH stealing HALF if I wasn't preggers... so if you aren't lying about joking and/or missed the pregnant part I can kinda see how you thought the joke would be funny. But still, health problems should still trump your liking a food

....Must I point out the obvious? Your husband is a dick...

maybe a vagina too:D

No because anyone that's decent knows that's a dick move

Don't be so harsh! It's a cinnamon roll! They're irresistible!

The point is that he got it for her because her bloodsugar was dangerously low. Giving her one bite and then just grabbing and eating the rest? Thats fucked up.

Or maybe he wanted to be in frosted ecstasy along with his wife... it's a mutual experience.

They could have a foodgasm at the same time.

Sounds likes ops hubby and mine are twins! Mine would do something selfish like that too! Wish I knew before the "I Do's"

#55 Not if he takes the bigger part. Mmh... that somehow resembles the reality :(

55 - you mean an oralgasm? (:

holy crap! its a cinnamon roll! i dont see how that could of actually ruined your day or fucked your life, unless you're really fat...

Oh my god, your profile picture is fucking scary. And I'm one to talk.

na 41 u seem like my kinda guy;)

What what, in the butt.

Wanna do it in ma butt, in ma butt?

75- Take the seat off your bike and do it your self.

Where did you get that shirt? I want to buy that epic thing for my gf now.

I love the way OP described it.Because I once sat in frosting coated extasy. But not the same way she did .Brings back alot of memories... warm sticky memories *sigh*

Those r yummy, I cant belive that S.O.B. took it! :(

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What do you not understand about this? Because it's hard to make this much simpler.

I believe it is not as much an issue of understanding as it is an issue of relevance...

Will he take your boob out your future baby's mouth and feed himself instead?

Well if he dosn't I will.