By Ixlovexwaffles - 29/04/2015 20:33

Today, my mom announced my pregnancy to the entire family via Facebook with the post, "Just went from a MILF to a GILF in one moment of unprotected sex." FML
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Ixlovexwaffles tells us more.

I would have laughed it off had she made the post a week later, it's the fact that I told her specifically not to post anything or talk to anyone about it for at least a few days so I could announce it to everyone else. She knew I told her first. It's the fact that that is how it was announced.

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Malahkaa 19

Like mother like daughter...

Redoxx_fml 22

Too bad that doesn't change her being a dumbass, sorry OP


Redoxx_fml 22

Too bad that doesn't change her being a dumbass, sorry OP

Iwannarock1 19

I hope you unfriended her in FB!

I'm just wondering who let her out of the kitchen?

kimeatszombies 22

go away, #23.

Classy of her to assume the "ILF" part.

This "ILF" is the best comment on the entire post.

We weren't friends on FB before she did this because of her posting inappropriate statuses, I actually found out from another family member

Nice try, "op"

Sucks for you but that's kind of funny on her part.

Just delete the comment if it was on your wall.

It was a status, not a wall post so I have no control in terms of "taking it down"

Malahkaa 19

Like mother like daughter...

This is why parents should not be on Facebook! And I am sorry OP, that is a shitty way of telling you're pregnant

It's great to refind old friends. There's no need to exclude parents oder elder people from FB. Just don't accept them as a friend or set them onto a list for people you don't like to see your stuff.

Regardless if they're FB friends or not, that message would've been seen by all the mom's FB friends and relatives. Still embarrassing.

#24 you speak nothing but the truth

kittykath32 22

At least she is taking it with humor. It could be a lot worse.

The ****

nothing92x 13

What witty writing right here.

ADBurns 22

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Dillyduzit 23

Why are you judging OP? And women?

So much WHAT THE FUCK in one comment...

I think #9 thinks OP and her mother are both dumb and therefore OP's daughter is going to be so too.. Just a wild guess.

That sucks, but you gotta admit that's also pretty badass.

Oh god that's a terrible way to announce that, congratulations though!