By Naomi - 10/11/2013 10:28 - United Kingdom - London

Today, my husband and I went for our 20 week scan and found out we're having a girl. The first thing he said to me was, "The next one better be a boy or I'm leaving you". FML
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Pwn17 25

You obviously have to leave him now. It's the FML rule.

HeyHeyFishFillet 34

Sometimes I feel like I learn more here on FML than in class.


He does realize that the sperm is the deciding factor in the sex of the baby, right?

Redgrass7 7

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I find that hard to believe.

falon142012 22

Yes! And also, at first a fetus has both Wolffian and Müllerian ducts. Testosterone washes over the brain, and whichever ducts are strongest and are left after the testosterone wash, are the ones that develop into reproductive organs. I believe Wolffian turns into male and Müllerian turns into female.

MichellinMan 20

#29 Ok honey, if you want a boy, I have to be on top.

thrlyrist 6

The ph value of the vagina makes a difference as it affects how well the x or the y sperm swim. I think the y sperms swim faster but are more sensitive to low ph (acidic) environment or something like that.

Well SOMEONE has to carry on the family name

He's an idiot and a jerk? Wonderful!

addioty 19

Actually, 9 is right. It doesn't always determine the sex but it does influence it due to the mucus in the vagina. Sperm in the more mucus-y part (deeper) is more likely to be a boy and sperm in the less mucus-y part is more likely to be a girl.

HeyHeyFishFillet 34

Sometimes I feel like I learn more here on FML than in class.

Zimmington 21

#1- Tell that to King Henry VIII

This reminds me of the Dictator "are you having a boy or an abortion"

Redgrass7 7

Seriously. Something like boy sperms swim faster but die faster, and girl sperms swim slower but live longer. Some positions like doggy and missionary allow boy sperms to reach the egg faster while others like cowgirl work in favor of girl sperms. If the girl is on the top, gravity is working against the ejaculate racing to the egg. Which do you think will fertilize the egg? The sperms that lives longer but swims slower or the ones that die quickly but swims fast? Me and my son's mom researched it and did only doggy or missionary and coincidentally we had a boy. Maybe I'm wrong and the positions had nothing to do with it, but then again the research isn't too farfetched where it's no way possible. Look it up for yourselves.

redrose_rocker 12

Please stop reproducing.

#80: I would have felt sorry for your child if it had been female. To have parents who want a certain gender over another is deplorable. You're just as bad as the people who use spun sperm to guarantee the sex of the child.

You and your son's mom? you, right?

It sounds like they were experimenting. Yeah, weird, but not bad.

What's wrong with that they did? Is it wrong for people to have preferences? If they'd had a girl, I'm sure they would have loved her just a much. But if you have a preference, how on earth does it hurt to do something like just having sex in a certain position, if there's an off-chance it'll help? It's not like they went in and invasively genetically engineered the baby to be a boy, or aborted until they had one.

Lots of parents have a hope for one gender over another. Why is this deplorable? Just because there is a preference, it doesn't mean they'll have any less love for the child. My grandparents had 2 girls first, and my grandparents really wanted a boy. Coincidentally the 3 rd child was a boy but the 4th child was a girl. Are you saying that they were horrible people because they wanted a boy over another girl? That's just a ridiculous opinion. You're making an issue out of something that is normal behavior. My wife is pregnant currently and people often ask what I hope the child is. So society as a whole is deplorable for assuming there might be a preference?

#111 its the father writing the post

CallMeMcFeelii 13

I don't see any problem with someone preferring to have a boy or a girl when it comes to making babies. It certainly doesn't mean they won't love their child. With all the advances in science, why shouldn't one use it? It makes absolutely no fucking sense to me as why it's wrong to want a son instead of a daughter or the other way around. That is their choice. Saying one shouldn't do that is close minded as fuck. You don't know their reasons for it, and you can not judge them for doing it.

#131: It's not close-minded, and I have my reasons. When your mother tells you to your face that men are better than women and that males are supposed to be preferred over females, then something is seriously wrong. My siblings should be equal; NOT loved over a matter of gender. I know my opinion is based on personal experience, but it's one I feel strongly about.

I feel like you're jumping the gun here, nobody is saying one sex is better than the other, just that some people want a gender or the other first, nothing wrong with that, they did not abort because it was a girl or anything simply the father throwing a badly constructed and not very well thought out opinion out there.

No it's a really dumb legend some doctors tell patients.

#75- "It's a girl.. where's the trash can?" haha probably my favorite part

mjms1 4

negative... there are many contributing factors such as temperature at time and during conception etc etc...

immunetoinsanity 23

There are ways to influence what gender your baby is. Along with everything mentioned already, I would research how to influence gender naturally through your diet. I have a cousin who has 2 boys and was dying to have a girl. She changed her entire diet not to include things that would lower the pH of her vagina. Your husbands diet can also influence which of his sperm are faster and healthier. Just a thought, but since he seems rather serious in wanting a boy I would try everything I could.

JocelynKaulitz 28

Also, all babies are born girls until the Y chromosome kicks in. That's why they have nipples too...

Temperature on the balls is one of the biggest determinants for what the sex of the child will be. If men wear a lot of skinny jeans they are more likely to have a girl cause x sperm likes the cold. Fun Fact.

#153 Also genetalia doesn't determine gender only sex. Gender is socially constructed.

#41, umm women can still carry on the family name if that's a concern. I have both of my parents surnames, and I'm sure if someone's parents were divorced, and stayed with their mother, she would probably wanna change her child/rens surname.

CaitiieBuggs 23

I don't see why 157 is getting thumbed down. Sex and gender are not interchangeable terms. Sociologically speaking, sex is the biological distinction between females and males- while gender is the socially constructed cultural expectations associated with women and men. That's why being transgendered and transsexual are two seperate things.

Anyone who thinks that sex position has anything to do with the gender determination of the baby is either deluding himself or is extremely gullible. Also, X sperm swim exactly the same speed as Y sperm. Seriously people, do you idiots believe everything you read?

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Doc's just testing a theory! Don't believe everything you read! Wait, well shit, maybe I'm just trying to trick you guys now. Or maybe I'm telling the truth.. Fuck! I don't know what to believe anymore!

an3ph 20

Yah. I've read that the doggy position produces puppies.

spaquet3 10

Actually if I recall correctly they do swim differently due to density differences. I'm a neuroscience student so I've taken quite a bit of biology classes.

You sir, are an idiot

#119 No, they're saying it's deplorable to leave someone because they don't happen to give birth to a child of the gender you preferred, especially when they have no control over which it is.

#175 Gender roles are constructed. Gender is not wholly a construct. If it were, transgender would be a (constructed) product of environment, and it isn't.

KayleeFrye 39

Thank you, DocBastard! I am a health teacher and some of the ignorant, BS replies were making me CRINGE!

Yeah that's right. I've been paying attention in bio hahaha

Actually both the egg and the sperm decide this. Y chromosome are carried by sperm, the egg does not. But they both share the X chromosome so the man still helps in the making of a girl.

JoeGrant 12

I can't see him saying this in a legitimate manner. Seems more like a joke, really. Lighten up.

I can. There are plenty of guys that value sons over daughters. And yes, it most likely was a joke. A misplaced one at that. Instead of glowing in the beauty of having a healthy child, he displays disappointment in the child's gender? Yeah, real funny!

My husband was so ecstatic when he found out we was going to have a little girl even though we originally hoped for a boy. He was nearly in tears with happiness. OP's guy is an insensitive douche even if it was meant as a joke.

were* omg fuck my comment.

skyeyez9 24

Depending on the husband's ethnic background, he could be dead serious. In India, China, muslim countries, Russia...fathers prefer sons over daughters for some fucked up reason. Many baby girls are aborted or abandoned at birth to die for this reason.

That's because in many of those cultures the daughter has to get married which costs them money to wed her whilst if they have a boy they generally don't pay, then the girl has to go live with her husbands family so a loss! Sometimes because only males are educated to be successful and women taught to care for children and stay home. Women are treated as second class citizens in some cultures.

XBurytheCastleX 25

His fault. What a jerk...

Hopefully he isn't as ride towards his daughter...

nnnope 26

I assume 40 misspelled "rude?"

Yes I misspelled rude.

Pwn17 25

You obviously have to leave him now. It's the FML rule.

MichellinMan 20

Commence bombardment of comments saying "dump his worthless ass"

actually no comments so far have said that as far as I can see. makes a change!

MichellinMan 20

In other words, there's a 50/50 chance I'm staying with you.

Aspen_Grace33 27

He must have forgotten that it's actually his sperm that determined whether you were having a boy or girl. After all, the woman can only donate an X chromosome and the man donates either an X or a Y!!!

MichellinMan 20


frizz101 22

Genetics play a big part to, some men are just genetically predisposed to create more sperm that has an X or Y chromosome. So some men will have a really hard time having a boy if they produce more X chromosomes.

It's his sperm that made the girl he's a jerk for blaming you

I hope he reliazes that it's his fault you dont have a boy.

X and Y chromosomes: 50/50 chance, 100% HIS fault.

wow, and you never knew that he could be this sexist before?

Zimmington 21

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It does sound sexist...

he wants a boy not a girl how could that not be sexist ?

Zimmington 21

Preferring to have a boy over a girl isn't sexist just his personal preference. You should love your child no matter the gender, but would you still be screaming sexist if he wanted a girl & she was having a boy?

Yes, it would still be sexist. Personal preference is one thing, but to demand she have a son or he's gone is what made it sexist. It's implying a daughter isn't good enough.

Zimmington 21

103- Even though I THINK he was joking. Saying you'll leave your family if the child isn't a certain gender still isn't sexist. It just means he's a inconsiderate deadbeat scumbag who doesn't deserve any gender of child.

Okay. To play devil's advacate maybe his dream is to have a boy and a girl. Maybe it's not because he wanted a boy but that he wanted one of each?