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Today, I was cheering up the girl I've been in love with for years. She was having one of those, "I'm ugly, no one wants to be with me" days. To cheer herself up, she said to me, "If you were a hot guy, you'd date me, right?" FML
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  MikeHawke  |  0

You should have told her that just because she's upset, it doesn't mean she can be a bitch, then walk out on that hoe. Also, nail her sister/best friend, or both; if possible.

  Flutist  |  3

epiclol, you are a prick.
Anyways, Op, you sound like you cared about her and it was wrong of her to say that. I think people need to have more respect for people. No one can help what they look like beyond clothing and hygiene and getting a better hair cut. You should not have to get "surgery" or be a hot guy for someone to love you. You sound like a caring person, and one day there will be a girl who isn't shallow and pathetic, who will love you for who you are.

Steal her toy poodle and put it in the microwave. That will teach her what hot and charred are.


There is no better answer than what 103 and 130 said. Being a teenager myself, my opinion is automatically invalid, but I'll give it anyway.
While I agree that teenagers don't know the true meaning of love, neither do adults. When I think of love, I think of something that lasts forever, and if that were the case couples wouldn't divorce or cheat on one another. You can't just fall out of love with someone.
And you definitely can't put into words the feeling or meaning. You can describe it, you can feel it, but how do you truly explain it?

There's no exact age in which it suddenly hits you, screaming, "This is what love really is!"
You can be 16 years old and understand the meaning, or you could finally experience it when you're 60.

  sk8erlife25  |  0

Oh since you're older, you know exactly what love is? Who says someone younger, such as a high schooler, couldn't be 'in love'? Define love for all of us, please. You're a bloody idiot.

  amiamida_fml  |  0

Sk8er, what high-schoolers define as love might feel real to them, I agree with you in that sense, but there is a clear definition of love in terms of psychology and sociology.
I will spare you the 5 page description, but in a nutshell love is a both a mature feeling that comes from intimacy (that doesn't mean sex, but an intimate knowledge and understanding of the other on many levels), and from being tested together through life's circumstances (financial woes, moral issues, sex, sharing goals, health crises, and all sorts of obstacles).
This why, yes, love is a "grown-up" thing, and while some may luck out and find it very young, you most likely won't realize you finally know what love is until you've lived a little (a lot), had romantic successes and failures, and grown to understand that there is more to being in love than irrational infatuation stirred by raging adolescent hormones.



No, just no. Some words can not be defined in the English language. Even the triangular theory in psychology is vague.

“How on earth are you ever going to explain in terms of chemistry and physics so important a biological phenomenon as first love?”
— Albert Einstein

  blalien  |  0

There are four kinds of guys who would ever use the phrase, "been in love with for years:" Boyfriends, husbands, stalkers, and teenagers. And we can logically rule out boyfriend or husband.

  just_me_tmp  |  0

I totally agree #92. I had a high school relationship that lasted 3 years, then several other long-term relationships in college, and although I was technically out of high school by the time I found "the one", I found all of my college relationships as well to be "naive." And I laughed at previous relationships in high school I found to be so serious at the time.

Teenagers can be in love with someone, sure. Anyone, any age can be in love. #92 is just saying that our definition of love changes over the years thorughout experience and biological changes (some more than others.)

To the teenagers reading #92's comment and saying "nu-uh..." Just wait a few years, you will understand completely.

  goldgrae  |  0

With respect, there is -no- consensus on the definition of love within any of the social sciences (personally coming from an anthropology background here, but I have TA'd for human sex within psychology). There are many models, and they're all competing, being picked up and dropped to fit within various theoretical contexts... but if anything, this only illustrates how little we actually understand the concept of love. And this isn't a bad thing; it's how science works. But don't go around claiming that there is a concrete definition when there is no such thing.

  intothecrypt  |  3

Teenagers have an excuse for their attraction and attachment. And assuming we can all agree on love being something that continually makes you happy, it can happen at any age. But the scientimitifical ( stfu icwutididthere too) results only exist because of hormones. so stop whining, you stupid old people.