By sadsexer23 - 16/02/2010 03:10 - United States

Today, I took my girlfriends virginity and had given it my all. When I had finished, sweating and tired, I looked down at her and smiled, obviously pleased with myself. She looked up at me and said, "Wait, was that it?" FML
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is ur dick small????

If so, use fist.


is ur dick small????

Har har are you a girl or been practicing with your hand not enough Epic

tell her she is a genius XD what a great thing to say after sex

#1 win Op fail also op are you sure you got the right hole?

Would they not both notice if he did? I know I would....

WTF? right hole? I think the pain would be a hint

she lied to you bro she's no virgin sounds like to me that Oreo had been dipped and twisted long before you got there

I agree with #167

There is no wrong hole. :)

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hahahahaha u sck

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gigitty goo

um Jesus would have never done it with His gf only his wife, and only without condomnation notice condom-nation? condom

dude, she's not a virgin... sorry lol

hahaha he is, a friend of mine is so small the girl he did it with told me she was sleepy when he finished, took a total of 2 minutes

The first time I did it with my boyfriend, I said that too after he stopped after three minutes. I said o him is that really all your going to do? he said fine I'll go as long ad you want. three days later I found our I was pregnent.

you my good sir are lying.

128 ; I just literally laughed out loud. Thanks for brightening my mood :D

it's spelled comdamnation.

245- can you usually find out two to three days after conception? I thought it took a little longer... you must have had sex right before your period, but even then, you could have had a period so how did you find out just three days later that you were pregnant? just thought ' I'll buy a test... just in case I get pregnant' you should have bought condoms... unless there was a slip up... I'm confused how you found out after just three days? was it planned?

I agree most girls lie about when and how they lose their virginity as well as quantity of partners.

245- that is most definantly a lie . It takes up to four days for the fertilized egg to even make it to implantation and approximately two weeks for enough of the pregnancy hormone to build up in a woman's body to register on a pregnancy test . There is absolutely no way you could have found out you were pregnant three days after having sex . Also, if you are going to make up some BS to get attention, next time you should try to atleast make it slightly possible/believable BS . Ohkay ? Thanks .

If so, use fist.

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#111 got small hands.

Actually, virgins usually have way higher expectations of what it's like, so it, more often than not, a disappointment. Don't worry OP.

awwwww lol

that sucks fly

Shut it, virgin

OMG everyone look who's

maybe you should fly over to china I'm sure the women there will appreciate your efforts much more.

Horrible. You should practice on a cut fruit.

snick your hot.

Natalie you are hot. you should hit me up sometime. sevenzerotwo3two4one7seven9

I'm pretty sure you'll be in a grammar deficient world in the afterlife. Sort of an eternal damnation for you.

ssshhhh! phone sex? ;) jk! lameass!

snicks ur a stupid virgin go use ur pinky toe for self satisfaction

Well if you look at the quantum mechanics of the situation, you'll only see that the red variable quantified between the two variavle then you would see there is no reason not to give out your number on FML it may lead to a satisfactory action of self sufficiency. I tried not to misspell anything just for you.


u look like a boy xP and If u r, then a gay boy

You are one ugly motherf**ker. Everytime I see you comment. I throw up a little.

Thats rlly funny!! lmfaooo!!! FYL