By sadsexer23 - United States
  Today, I took my girlfriends virginity and had given it my all. When I had finished, sweating and tired, I looked down at her and smiled, obviously pleased with myself. She looked up at me and said, "Wait, was that it?" FML
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  kpm404  |  0

The first time I did it with my boyfriend, I said that too after he stopped after three minutes. I said o him is that really all your going to do? he said fine I'll go as long ad you want. three days later I found our I was pregnent.

  RawrNom  |  0

245- can you usually find out two to three days after conception? I thought it took a little longer... you must have had sex right before your period, but even then, you could have had a period so how did you find out just three days later that you were pregnant? just thought ' I'll buy a test... just in case I get pregnant' you should have bought condoms... unless there was a slip up... I'm confused how you found out after just three days? was it planned?

  EMTchic  |  14

245- that is most definantly a lie . It takes up to four days for the fertilized egg to even make it to implantation and approximately two weeks for enough of the pregnancy hormone to build up in a woman's body to register on a pregnancy test . There is absolutely no way you could have found out you were pregnant three days after having sex . Also, if you are going to make up some BS to get attention, next time you should try to atleast make it slightly possible/believable BS . Ohkay ? Thanks .

  TurtleHabitat  |  0

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