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Snow White and the Seven Dwarves?

God help any of your boyfriends. :)


Snow White and the Seven Dwarves?

<p>Sounds like my house, where my daughter is the only girl and has 9 brothers.&nbsp;</p>

That makes u a special girl at home.

Congrats, you kept your uniqueness! Face it, if it was a girl, all the attention will go to the New Girl and you'd be old news.

God help any of your boyfriends. :)

I don't know if anyone else is noticing, but your gender is showing as male, making this FML even more strange.

^ what I was thinking

<p>Why is she continuing to have babies?! Is the world not overpopulated enough?? And 7 kids is more than enough I'd say.&nbsp;</p> <p>I sure hope your family is not one of those that has kids to collect benefits/social grants.&nbsp;</p>

To #8 & #12: Why is it any of your business how many children OP's Mother has?

Kind of none of business, right?

I was having the same thought about 7 children.

you're super close minded and I feel bad for your children. some people just like kids. gtfo it.

<p>Just sad because majority of the world's problems is due to overpopulation. Yes, many people like kids. But personal sacrafice is necessary for a benificial world</p>

Well it's technically your Dad's fault so blame him

#9 Oh yeah, I forgot that section of biology class where they tell us how the father chooses the sex of the offspring.

<p>Or you missed the chapter where they explain all about sex chromosomes.</p>

<p>Despite men carrying the 2 different choromones in their sperm, women's bodies have more control over the sex because if they have a harash vaginal enviroment, slower/stronger sperms are more likely to survive (aka female sperms), but if she has a gentle vaginal envirmoment, faster/weaker sperms (aka male sperms) are more likely to&nbsp;reach the egg first.</p>

Takes two to tango

Don't know why this is being thumbed down. Biologically, only a male can give a Y chromosome, so technically, it's the dad's fault for the baby being a boy.

<p>You're one of a kind. Embrace it&nbsp;</p>

don't think it's any of your business