By blacksheep - 15/01/2017 16:00

Today, my 6 brothers and I (a girl) were finally finding out the sex of my mom's baby. It's going to be another boy. FML
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Talis99 26

God help any of your boyfriends. :)


<p>Sounds like my house, where my daughter is the only girl and has 9 brothers.&nbsp;</p>

Congrats, you kept your uniqueness! Face it, if it was a girl, all the attention will go to the New Girl and you'd be old news.

Talis99 26

God help any of your boyfriends. :)

I don't know if anyone else is noticing, but your gender is showing as male, making this FML even more strange.

<p>Why is she continuing to have babies?! Is the world not overpopulated enough?? And 7 kids is more than enough I'd say.&nbsp;</p> <p>I sure hope your family is not one of those that has kids to collect benefits/social grants.&nbsp;</p>

MamaChey 24

To #8 & #12: Why is it any of your business how many children OP's Mother has?

Scorpio1691 29

I was having the same thought about 7 children.

you're super close minded and I feel bad for your children. some people just like kids. gtfo it.

<p>Just sad because majority of the world's problems is due to overpopulation. Yes, many people like kids. But personal sacrafice is necessary for a benificial world</p>

Well it's technically your Dad's fault so blame him

#9 Oh yeah, I forgot that section of biology class where they tell us how the father chooses the sex of the offspring.

ThatSGirl 2

Technically the male does decide because you get the X from your mom and then from your dad you're either gonna get an X or a Y. Also apparently male sperm swim faster (or so I've read). So no, it may not be a conscious decision on the males part but bodily the male decides.

apparently you are the one that didn't pay attention in biology class

Choose, no, but it is the dna of the sperm that is responsible for the sex of the child.

You always get an X chromosome from your mother, technically no, the father doesn't get to choose but it is down to his little swimmers as to what gender th baby is.

Bob31_fml 4

<p>Or you missed the chapter where they explain all about sex chromosomes.</p>

<p>Despite men carrying the 2 different choromones in their sperm, women's bodies have more control over the sex because if they have a harash vaginal enviroment, slower/stronger sperms are more likely to survive (aka female sperms), but if she has a gentle vaginal envirmoment, faster/weaker sperms (aka male sperms) are more likely to&nbsp;reach the egg first.</p>

Yeah, but no matter the climate in the woman, it can't make a Y chromosome.

Don't know why this is being thumbed down. Biologically, only a male can give a Y chromosome, so technically, it's the dad's fault for the baby being a boy.

<p>You're one of a kind. Embrace it&nbsp;</p>

don't think it's any of your business