By Anonymous - 25/7/2021 20:01

Revenge strikes again

Today, we inherited a house from my grandma in a homeowners association. My husband told the HOA president he's looking forward to defying the rules and annoying the rich snobs on this street who made grandma miserable by complaining about the state of her house while she was dying. FUCK THEM. FML
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By  Bogrbon  |  24

While this HOA seems to be a bunch of snooty bastards, and HOAs can be the devil incarnate, one word of caution: if they start fining you, they can put a lien on the house for payment, and take your house in most states.

Check your stats HOA laws and if you can talk to a lawyer about your options of really truly making their lives miserable as opposed to just losing his grandma’s house.

  protoskore  |  27

taking into account most HOA stories on the internet, you seem to be the exception rather than the rule.
The typical HOA takes you to court if your grass is the wrong shade of green :)