By rosesareyellow - 30/07/2010 04:40 - United States

Today, I dropped my phone in water, and my friends told me to put it in rice to draw out the water. They put my phone in riceroni. My phone now smells like chicken and has rice seasoning stuck all over it. Needless to say it still doesn't work. FML
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Hey. You got one of the new Ismell's. :-P Anyway, it's dry rice you have to use dumbass. And you have to leave it in there for a day or 2. Either that or A. be more careful or B. Get some phone insurance if it's something expensive.


Given that it's broken, who cares if it smells like wet baboon shit on a hot day? All you're saying is, "I broke my phone and thought I could fix it. I was wrong. FML"

I use a hair dryer to dry it, it really works =D

it's like flavored rice that cooks in like 3 minutes

agree with 5 you and your mates are dumbasses for using ricearoni

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it's funny because your phone has rice on it and it's broken.

do you not have plain rice? that still sucks op.

you need hairdryer or an electric gambit I suggest. using an electric fan instead if a hair dryer because hair dryers can get hot. hurry though x

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riceroni does not cook in 3

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My mom dropped her is the toilet. She used a blowdryer then left it alone for a while. it's fine now.

your supposed to leave it in the rice for 2 days..

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oh my goodness that's what happenedto my mac book I put it in a bag of rice and it doesn't work plus now it has rice inside of it and rust and when you turn it on it makes the loud beeping sound

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Try putting the whole phone in the freezer over night. I did it with mine, still works even a year later.

Soak it in soy sauce 1 hour, then microwave it on high for 7 minutes. (You're not really very bright are you)

your not supposed to put it in rice. in a plastic bag with a cup of rice somewhere warm for a couple of days. ydi for buying riceroni.

your not supposed to put it in rice. in a plastic bag with a cup of rice somewhere warm for a couple of days. ydi for buying riceroni.

just put it out in the sun! or do you not live in a sunny place? if so use blow-dryer! but I never heard of rice before for these situations... just put it in a hot place (that isn't hot enough to burn it >.>)

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OP is clearly not Asian or they would've had white rice on hand. Oh the perks of being Asian.

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happened to me wit my iPod xD lmao

OP, 1-what kind of friend gives you that advice? you will not fix it that way 2-did you know what you were doing? next time your phone is drenched in water just vacuum all the water out or get someone more capable to fix your phone.

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I think there is a simple solution here. drench your phone water again and scrub it clean, then just put it in another bag of rice and wait a few days. If your phone is already broken there is nothing to lose.

The rice needs to be uncooked (and maybe plain)

Yes, put it in actual Asian Rice that's legit enough to eat.

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#5 pretty much sums it up! coolness lol, next!

It does work! You just have to leave it in a few days. My friend did this after she dropped her phone in a toilet...a little nasty, but effective! lmao 

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these r a lot of good ideas

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ever heard of home made cooking, and maybe just use regular rice next time?

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why wouldrice smell like chicken?

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not ricearoni idiot.... normal plain white uncooked rice. ydi


I washed mine in the washing machine by mistake. I used a blow-dryer and let it sit overnight. It was fine.

lol i convinced my friend that in order to fix his wet phone he should put it in the microwave to evaporate the water

Should have used the silica gel that you get in shoe boxes.

has nobody realised that it says "my friend" put it in? not OP.

149 - Her friends were the ones to tell her to put it in the chicken flavoured rice in the first place. I interpreted this as, she followed their instructions and just worded the FML wrong. Although, on the flip side, her friends may actually have been the ones to put the phone in the rice, in which case it's still worded wrong.

Hey. You got one of the new Ismell's. :-P Anyway, it's dry rice you have to use dumbass. And you have to leave it in there for a day or 2. Either that or A. be more careful or B. Get some phone insurance if it's something expensive.

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Dude it wasn't him who put it in riceroni, it was his friends.

Yes, but unless he was held down while his friends did it then he still gave them his phone, thereby giving them permission to do what they want to it. Sure his friends are idiot, but that doesn't excuse the fact he willingly handed over his phone to them for them to try this.

I tried rice and it didn't work. So I got angry, wrapped my phone in a tea towel, and threw it in the oven, on low. Now works :)

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And WTF is riceroni anyway, I'm from UK and we don't have it here.

instant flavo(u)red rice with pasta product to make it cheaper.

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A phone that smells like chicken? Mmm-mmm-mmm.

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Look at the bright side, when you're hungry, just sniff your phone. lmfaooo

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ydi for dropping your phone in water.

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well it was supposed to be plain rice straight out of the box then it shouldve worked. that was ur dumbness for letting them do that u shouldve stopped them if u saw what it was.

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Now, you've got something in your pocket to lick, even if it gives you an uncontrollable urge to sing "That San Francisco treat!" and make everyone around think you did really poorly on a game show. Rice-a-roni is not sold at stores, but it is exclusively distributed as a parting gift.

i dropped my blackerry in my fish tank, it sank all the way to the bottom, i then misse a whole episode of family guy because i had to use my har dryer to get it dry, aslong as you take the battery out it really works :) my phone is fineeee!

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it's better to just take the battery out and let it air dry for a few days, the heat can damage the phone (unless you use the cool setting) i've saved quite a few;, some worked in a few hours, one took over a week. always a pleasant surprise though :) op: ALWAYS turn power off and remove the battery as soon as a phone gets wet, take your phone apart as much as you can (as in self servicable parts, do not void any warranty or damage it more), and let it air dry in a safe place for a few days, then periodically check it to see if it works. if it doesn't and you get a new phone, keep it around and check it every couple weeks. you might be surprised. I always laid mine out somewhere that it would get dry heat, like near (not on) a heating register.

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why does it smell like chicken? you mix the seasoning in after the rice... so you're saying they put your phone in the rice and then added the seasoning packet? interesting. I mean nobodys stupid enough to think putting a phone in a cooked rice and sauce dish will dry it out, right? so WTF...

I was just thinking the same thing. Pretty sure Rice-A-Roni doesn't come pre-mixed. You have some retarded friends, OP. You should have stopped them before it was too late, if possible.

i was thinking the same exact thing.. this has got to be fake because it makes no sense to add the seasoning packet to a friggin cell phone.

I think they were eating riceroni and then put the phone in there. they probably are that stupid :l