By Anonimo - 08/11/2012 21:22 - Italy - Monserrato

Today, after a year of living with my boyfriend at our new place, he told me that he wants to sell our house and live in a trailer, so he can be closer to his mom. FML
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neonstud 0

Mamas boy.

Is his mom elderly and/or in ill health, such that she needs his help?


neonstud 0

Mamas boy.

IAmNotAnAnimal 9

Made me think of Bobby Boucher.

"Little girls are the devil!"

Krajjan 9


Maybe his mom is sick or something that requires him to keep a close eye on her.

She's got a winner on her hands lmao

'Cause I live at home in a trailer, mom I'm coming home to you.'

oj101 33

Mamma Mia, you're right!

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Well, it blows to be you.

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8 mile!

That is a horrible thought for the bf.

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I honestly don't think it's a tragic thing of his Mom being sick or his Dad passing and it being hard on her if its an fml. I mean as much as my fiancé's Mother drives me absolutely insane I wouldn't be unsympathetic or uncooperative if I thought she needed more help. The fact that he wants to move into a trailer makes it sound like he's just a Mommas boy with an over bearing Mother. I know my future mother in law would be THRILLED if we moved in her back yard. Overbearing mothers...

KM96 24


KM96 24


Hell, I don't see the problem. I mean moving is a pain, I've done cross country before. But you can get a pretty damn nice trailer and a good couple acre lot for half the price of your average house. If they can afford a nice trailer it's really not an FML, other than having to move.

Well looks like it's you or the mom, time for him to grow up

Hey, trailer life is fun, right?

Dump him!!! Me or ur mama. People controlled by their mothers are not ready for relationships.

Just because he wants to be closer to his mom doesn't mean you should dump him

LiesAndMischief 4

Fuck you guys saying that he needs to grow up. There's nothing immature or wrong about wanting to be closer to your mother. Call me a mama's girl, I don't care, but my family's way more important to me than romance.

#58: Ok 17 year old. I'm not mocking your age or the fact you love comics and elder scrolls. Because ( although I'm am 26 years of age) I still love comic books and elder scroll as well as a complete nerd. However I'm married now and live not too far from my parents or my wife parents. But distance is good and healthy. You can still be Momma's girl in your case, and still have romance. It's called you still call your mom and have get to gathers. Or do you plan on staying at home your whole life because you value your family so much over romance. Distance ( being that you do not live 2 states away)should not factor in to family value. Also your husband/wife become your new family. As well as starting a new family of on you're own. Of course I hope you know this.

#28 If you were given a choice between your girlfriend and your mother, what would you choose?

LiesAndMischief 4

63 - Okay, if you're not mocking my age or my likes, then I don't know why you'd bring those things up? I might be seventeen (and a nerd? have no idea what that has to do with anything), but I'm still allowed to have an opinion. Anyway, I wasn't trying to say there's necessarily anything wrong with distance or that you can't keep a balance between family and romance, I'm sorry if that's how I came off. It just seems horrible to tell someone to grow up simply because they want to be close to their mom. There's nothing wrong or childish with wanting to be close to the people you love. I might not have worded my comment correctly, because my only real point was that he shouldn't HAVE to distance himself from his mom to be "mature". And yes, I do plan (or hope) to live as close to my family as possible for my whole life or at least most of it. I fail to see the problem with wanting that.

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#74 the problem is you need to grow up. :P Nah, I kid. I'll stop instigating an Internet fight. :P Unless of course you wanna go a round. Cuz I have my tinfoil hat ready.

Obviously she is not okay with it If she posted it to FML so saying it's not grounds for breaking up is ridiculous

#74 "I'm beyond you're comprehension." Gandalf the White. Holding fast for thumbs down. However hopefully 74 will get it.

28- a family is essentially started with a romance, so to say your family that you already have is more important than continuing on and having family of your own than that is beyond me. You make little sense.

Your boyfriend needs to grow up

Technically speaking, he slowly is.

There's nothing wrong with wanting to be close to your mom. It's cute.

If it means selling a place to move into a trailer, then yes, it is wrong. Unless the "trailer" is one of those $3,000,000 bus RV's.

blcksocks 19

So, when are you guys going on jerry springer?

blcksocks 19

You clearly didn't see where this was going.. Nevermind.

perdix 29

They're in Italy. They'll need to go on Gerolamo Primavera-er.

Is his mom elderly and/or in ill health, such that she needs his help?

I wonder the same thing. Just because a man wants to be closer to his family doesn't make him a mama's boy. It's ridiculous.

But the mom could move to be closer to him/he could put his house for rent/his mom may move in/his mom would put her house for rent, and she rents a house nearher son

Unibear 1

Just look for a new place close to his moms place, a place nicer then a trailer if hes really set on it..

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Does she have a disability? If so, have her move in with you or try to find her a place she can stay so you can continue your life. If not? He needs to grow up.

From the sounds of it, OP wasn't happy about any part of the mom ordeal.... jmo

Wow he has big dreams. I'm sorry OP, maybe you can convince him to get a smaller house/townhouse that's still close to his mom and not a trailer? I hope you can work things out!

It's not about moving into a trailer or finding somewhere nicer to live. Look at the big picture.

martin_martian7 11

Every time you comment about something you are always going to get thumbed down!! lol

If it's a big deal for you just tell him you really feel comfortable where you are and don't want to move to be closer to his mom. Oh and I have to try and make a pun so, "guess you're trailing behind him in the relationship!" (Insert fake laugh)

loserboii 11

He's lying. His mother forced him to do that. Either that or she's still breast feeding him.

Because an adult male breastfeeding makes the most sense, and therefore must be the reason. Yeah...

Oh, my dear Welshite. Why would you take that seriously?

loserboii 11

Thank you 34