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Today, a guy drove straight into an intersection, running a stop sign and narrowly missing my car. I had to swerve into a snow bank to avoid him. He stopped long enough to see that I had a toddler in my car, before flipping me off and driving away. FML
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alex_the_tiger 14

Did you see his plates? If so report his sorry ass.

Grauncho 27

I'm getting road rage by just reading this right now.


alex_the_tiger 14

Did you see his plates? If so report his sorry ass.

The important thing is that you flipped him back right?

I hope she got his plates, but many times that is hard to do in the heat of the moment!

etoilenuit 15

What would getting his plates do? I can't imagine turning in every person who cuts me off or flips me off. And I can't imagine the police caring either.

#40 being cut off and being ran off the road are two different things. The reckless driver put people in danger, and therefore the cops should be called.

The cops wouldn't even bother around here. Someone caught a huge fit of road rage on one of those little go cameras, got the guys face his plates everything. It made the news and still the cops refused to do shit about it. The road rager also managed to clip the guys car who was filming and forced the guy to go up into the curb to avoid a bigger collision. It wasn't just yelling and screaming.

sweetie he ran a red light and almost hit a car with a toddler inside

#46 sucks for you, dude. :/ sheesh your law enforcement stinks.

Ya he was stupid but he didn't stop to see who was in the car he was probably making sure he didn't hurt or kill anybody so if he did he would stop so it's not a hit and run killing or murder

Karma is a bitch, it'll come back around and get him. Hopefully you got his plates! FYL OP

I don't understand how people can be like that when they see kids. I had a heart attack when I got into an accident, saw that there were two kids in their backseat and it was their fault. It's sad how people cab be.

I would have gotten the license plate number and reported it to the police. That man is a danger to himself and others.

Grauncho 27

I'm getting road rage by just reading this right now.

beautifulsoul89 11

I have road rage bad and it gets worse with my kids in the car. I'm the type that would get out a slap a hoe for driving terrible, lol

#17: You must be a terrific role model as a responsible driver to your children.

buttcramp 21

I'm pissed this driver didn't at least check on you! awful.. OP, I hope you and your little one are okay! I'd at least tell the police the description of the guy and car and see what they can do from there cause it can't hurt.

beautifulsoul89 11

@ 18, when your a parent you'll understand. Just imagine someone is trying to hurt your dog, you stand there and watch or do something? Fight or flight response. As being a mother I keep myself fully aware of my surroundings and especially here in phx, these idiots can't drive for shit.

amberv61 22

#28 I was taught defensive driving in my driving class. Road rage only leads to trouble. Which is not good if you have kids in your car. I can understand wanting to keep your kids safe but you are only causing problems with the road rage

beautifulsoul89 11

@ 29, I've been to that class too. Not for fighting but for a speeding ticket. You all have your own opinions but when it comes down to it I do what I think is right. Its not like I fight all the time but someone steps out there car to threaten you, what you do? Drive off or handle it. Like I said fight or flight. If you knew how drivers were here you would understand but you don't.

amberv61 22

How much will your road rage benefit you when someone threatens you with more than just theirs fists? I'm not saying it's going to happen often just saying there is potential there. I was taught that road rage is terrible to have. It doesn't solve problems it causes it. I drive with my little sister around and use my defensive driving skills to help me.

XIceBlueX 21

There are drivers like that everywhere. It's not just around you. And of that's how you act with a child in your car, is hate to see how you act in front of them anywhere else. Fighting does nothing but makes you look like a hot-head. There are better ways to solve problems without fighting or "running away"

amayasoma 19

32 - You should never feed into someone's road rage. That's endangering yourself and your children. It's not running away, it's making a smart decision if you continue about your business and drive off.

buttcramp 21

#32, I think he meant because you're trashy. "slap a hoe." c'mon.. that's not appropriate at all for a mother to say.

HammyBear13 8

#32- You are actually putting your child in danger and definitely not teaching him/her very good manners. Getting out of your car and fighting? Really? Thats immature. I have a son, and if anything, he keeps my road rage in check. Why in the hell would I want my son to think its ok to get out of his car and fight someone simply because of road rage. Staying in your car and driving away is the smartest thing to do. If you have to get out and the other person is threatening you, just call the cops and stay in your vehicle until they arrive.

buttcramp 21

60, I totally agree with you! As a mom, it's my job to teach my child appropriate behavior, manners, etc. Unfortunately, people like this woman ^ don't see anything wrong with their behavior and these traits get passed down to their children. it's really kind of sad.

Rainhawk94 27

#28 i don't have to be a parent to know your kids will take after your rage and behave the same why and will probably get them in serious trouble. What do i know i have no kids or live where you are.

beautifulsoul89 11

@ buttcramp, really how immature are you to call me trashy or a bad mother. You don't know me. For all I know you could be a crackhead bc of the way you look, but am I the one to judge? No, so how about you know more facts about someone than spilling out shit from your gap. Ain't no parent perfect, so get over yourself.

buttcramp 21

I think you just proved me right..

Some person actually hit my aunt with their car (like her body, not her car) when she was walking and drove off...I seriously don't know how some people live with themselves

They shouldn't be allowed to live at all, let alone with themselves.

I don't know how people can live themselves after that honesty. My little brother was hit by a dominos truck 4-21-13 and killed instantly. He just drove off. It was later found he was high as ****. Some people just don't give a damn.

It was very horrible since he was only 14. That's what really broke everyone's hearts because he was just so young. Thank you for your kind comment. :)

nubbles10 13

What a dick. Something about this snowy weather apparently makes people lose their decency anymore, the same recently happened to my mom, but with a semi on the highway, and this asshole didn't stop when he almost killed her.

hokie16 13

She definitely didn't deserve it, but this is why they teach you to look at an intersection, even if you have the green light and the right of way. It's pretty common for semis to blow through lights since they can't stop as fast as a regular car can.

olpally 32

What an asshole! Get his plate numbers! I hope he gets in a car wreck now. Jerk.

Yeah, except a car wreck could potentially involve more innocent victims.

Not if the guy crashes into a tree or a light pole. He would richly deserve it. I guess you aren't hurt too badly, OP, as you're able to type this. Sure hope your child is okay too.

if you hit a light pole your extra ****** because you have to pay the town/state for the damage, and here its two grand.

A family member smashed into one, so not my experience but someone's.


That's the smallest problem. What's important is that you and your kid are okay. :)