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Sounds like damn good advice to me!

We have videos of my mom on Ambien. People do some pretty odd stuff...


you should take ur mom to the doctors

It's a sleeping pill. She'll fall asleep and it'll wear off. There's not much a doctor can do.

she can overdose

She already overdosed. Now it needs to wear off.

She may need a lower doseage

You don't say?!

Actually - she took a double dosage, as in she took twice the amount prescribed.

So technically, she would need a lower dosage, at least in that moment. Not trying to be a smartass here. Just being technical.

Technically, you were being a smartass.

Always better than being a dumbass!

Technically, you were just wrong and should admit it. Technically.

She sounds like a fun person to party with.

Really? Cause it seems like she'd fall asleep pretty quickly

Yes.. but only if you behave apparently

She sounds like a terrible politician.

Why did she take twice as much?

People can't fall asleep so they take extra, thinking it will help.

Possibly she forgot she had taken the first dose? I've heard of people doing some awfully weird stuff on Ambien. I don't know if short term memory loss is on the list of symptoms but who knows.

Yes, it is on the list of symptoms.

We have videos of my mom on Ambien. People do some pretty odd stuff...

YouTube Money! Just sitting in your house! Go Viral with that stuff!

Indeed. She threatened to kill me if it shows up on YouTube though. haha.

She be thirsty.

She is* be can't be used there know what fuck it

Sounds like damn good advice to me!

fksfsdhfsdfh 26

When i saw "relationship with oneself" i laughed so hard!

My left hand begs to differ.

Because your right hand is a dominatrix??? *Beg! hand. Beg for your orgasm!

I don't think zoidbergs hand/claw would be anything but painful in this situation

Hence the begging...

Your mom was trying to teach you her secrets.