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Today, my gynecologist was having trouble with my exam due to me being "too tight." I'm 24. After the explanation of having been pretty inactive in over a year, she exclaimed, "Damn, girl, we really need to find you a boyfriend!" Yeah, tell me about it. FML
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Unless you have a very good relationship with your gyno, I'd say that it was pretty unprofessional of them to make a comment like that.

I'm pretty sure you could get by without a boyfriend...


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I wasn't actually bang serious lol. Is it really a crime to post a joke??? NO, of course it's not.

You're getting all kinds of hell tonight, Lampie.

"911 what is your emergency?" "yeah, you need to send someone out here now! Theflyinglampie is making inappropriate comments on FML"

Tell me about it EightInch..... not enjoying it :s

hey isnt it always better to be tight then loose.? but someone already this but if you can't get a bf atleast get a vibrator or a *****

52 for real wheres the fml? oh im not a ***** fml lol it'll be more like im so loose i can hear an echo

I'm very afraid of this being a repost, but... 1- You, sir, are a pig! Bravo. lol 39- If you're going to hijack my MO, then at least make it good ... for example: -911, what's your emergency? -My duck is blowing Bubbles in the pond. -Pardon me? What is your name? -Duck! -No! Your name! - ... Duck? -sigh ... (click) -911, what's your emergency? -My duck is also blowing Bubbles in the pond. -WHO IS THIS? -DuckDuck. -grrrr ... (click) -911, what's your emergency? -I was swimming in this pond when two ducks just came out of nowhere ... -Who is this? What is your name, please? -Ummm ... Bubbles? See what I did there? I made it funny!

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^^^^ Oddest thread I've seen in a while.. And I feel compelled to call BS.. If I'm not remembering incorrectly.. The ****** doesn't actually become tight when you lay off the sex.. It becomes tighter only when nervous.. Lack of sex doesn't make it tighter over the course of time, because it only becomes "loose" when aroused.. It's a muscle after all.. Working that muscle is more likely to make it tighter, not inactivity. Wouldn't a gynecologist know this? Then again, she was probably joking, rendering the above statement to mean a simply ignorant OP.

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39 comment was funnier then yours 64. try hard

hey I've been single for a while OP :)

You can call him an obvious retarded duck ****** tinder, but not the word you used beginning with an "f".

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26, when it comes to FML, yes it is a crime. one that will make others flame you to no end about it... don't joke on here.

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A ****** can't loosen. It's a muscle. Damn.

Your Welcome :) How are you? I'm Kris btw :) xx

They sure would be if that's what I was aiming for lol. maybe it's just nice to pay someone a complement :) you don't happen to live on Evergreen Terrace by any chance?

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Wtf? Why did I get moderated? For saying I was tempted to say BS, and saying why? Do admins only read the first words and disregard the end? Cause I very clearly stated I was probably wrong. Sure, let's moderate that instead of some of the arguing and off-topic talking.

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ur gonna die.....of aids if u dnt keep those legs closed

I'm pretty sure you could get by without a boyfriend...

Yeah, play with yourself, enjoy it :) Or go buy a rabbit :D and enjoy your new toy :D

Yeah, by playing with your pussy............. Cat

are you trying to find a lesbian companion?

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either you're not attractive or youre straight up prude :

Okay, someone's going to have to explain something I've been wondering to me. How is "prude" an insult? To me, it sounds like "prudent," which means "wise" (technically, it means "Acting with or showing care and thought for the future," but that's too long), so I've never gotten why.

Let's look it up! prude - adj. a person who is excessively proper, modest in speech, conduct, etc. I daresay she may be… uptight? LAWL!

Yes, but I'm still wondering why people use it as an insult.

yea go figure, If you are a extremely modest and well mannered people see you as obnoxious, but if you are a **** you're good to go.

dudeitsdanny 9

"Excessively proper" is the key phrase here Everything is bad in excess. And excessively sexual girl is as bad as an excessively proper girl. Excess in drinking water is bad. Excess in working out is bad. Moderately proper would be a good medium.. But that's not a prude.

Guys, read the post again. Same for #112 and #32

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Danny, you're my new favorite.

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Dammit Jess....You keep saying what I plan on saying. lol Guess I should work on my speed.

Unless you have a very good relationship with your gyno, I'd say that it was pretty unprofessional of them to make a comment like that.

It's extremely unprofessional and borderline unethical. OP needs to get a new doctor anyway because this one is terrible. No matter how "tight" you are, your doctor should be able to complete the exam. I sincerely doubt you are the tightest she's seen. That's why they have speculums and other tools.

Personally I'm more than close enough with my Gyno to have that kinda convo. More small-town like and personal.

I think the closer your are to your gyno. the better the sections will be

I agree. I'd probably fake-laugh, but I wouldn't be amused. I'd definitely find a different doc, too. I'm usually OK with doctors joking around, and I get that the gyn could've been trying to help OP relax. An already-painful painful pelvic exam will make you tense up, leading to more difficulties and pain. But there are lots of ways that particular joke could be offensive, since it could be construed as being at the patient's expense. It's just not professional, and I've learned the hard way that unprofessional doctors aren't worth your time and money. Sidenote: this sounds like a health clinic/PP exam to me. I've had horrific experiences at those places.

Agreed, 12. Also, she clearly doesn't have a good selection of speculums... I mean, plenty of virgins need to get checked out!

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the older military guys are dogs.

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Ha Jim! I agree with the tone of your reply, even if I don't agree with the exact wording. After all, children will say childish things. Haven't done much yet but already know it all. Hopefully she shows more respect to her parents.

Nobody with a brain likes "the military type"

I hate hippies. it sucks how all the young people are so liberal nowadays.

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