By jons - 17/02/2009 21:54 - United States

Today, I went to the doctor for my yearly checkup. After getting my blood-pressure taken, my finger pricked, etc, the doctor began to ask me some questions. When asked if I was sexually active, I responded "Yes". The doctor started laughing. FML
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Why do people A. Scan through for reasons to NOT call it an FML. B. Say it's a fake. Do you have nothing better to do than sit on your ass all day and pick through a website. WHY would people make it up? I mean...crazy stuff has to happen to SOMEONE. And if they did or if it's bad, so what? At least it made the site.

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If it is true.. get a new doctor. You've got a creep.


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If it is true.. get a new doctor. You've got a creep.

Doctors see everything all the time. They wouldn't laugh, because they've seen stranger. This story doesn't make sense.

maybe he remembered a funny joke about ugos having sex

look at the bright side, at least you could say "yes." lol

For the most part, the only circumstance this could be true is if the doctor was a good friend of yours, in which case you wouldn't have posted here. Doctors just don't do that, especially since they ask it all the time. Even if they did laugh, it would get old the first few times and they'd never do it again, but in any case, it's too unprofessional to be true. And somebody who finished med school likely has been through enough to not laugh as such silly things. So I'm gonna brave calling it fake.

Blatant Bollox, unless she has the doctor out of the simpsons

#5, there is some advantage in encouraging someone overweight to lose some, even if the doctor is inadvertently tactless or rude. Implying "you're pretty ugly, you should work on that" goes slightly outside the areas where you might expect their concern.

It's not fake. The doctor is not a good professional. Get rid of him.

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doctors are paid professionals and they respect their patients. Hippocratic oath states 'do no harm'. so I have to conclude that this is a bogus FML.