By steve - 05/09/2012 08:14 - Australia - Melbourne

Today, my girlfriend dumped me because I didn't take her pet rock seriously. FML
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You could of just humoured her for the sake of it.

#4: I've never been able to break Hilbert, my hematite, of that particular habit.

Yea, She didn't JUST dump you because of the rock, but because she thought you were a jerk after that incident. You might one day decide to hide the rock from her and who knows maybe she has a deep emotional attatchment to that rock and she kills you? You might ruin her siblings faith in fictional holiday characters. She found somebody else.

Aren't you a tad bit under informed to leap to such a conclusion in a single bound, Assumption Man?

An alternate theory, clever as your may be 64, is that she is mentally unhinged.

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They like harder shit like cocaine.

Patrick Star's pet rock won the snail race! They are great pets.

I can't take my girlfriends pet rock seriously either. It jokes too much.

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21 - If you were gonna say something that would get you thumbed down, at least say "I see what you did there", or some stupid crap like that. "Shut up"?!? -_-

She must have a heart of stone to make the relationship tumble down for a reason like that. I guess she really didnt give a schist about you huh.

I guess the only thing in your relationship that was really solid was that rock, huh OP?

"hey Toph, would you say you and Aang have a rocky relationship" -actor Sokka in Avatar the Last Airbender. This is what popped into my head when I read 2's comment.

Yeah, I agree, it's hard... As a rock.

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If she's dumb enough to have a pet rock I'm pretty sure you wont be missing out on much...

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Hahahafhfagsahxukfsaysahlpgehdticsribdehmvsejbduhdrjswgjjvoppenischkbdxh :)

Why'd 34 get thumbed down? obviously it was a penguin attempting to type, he should get SOME credit...

Pet rocks ate good pets to protect you.. Tie a leash too it and swing it at the enemy!!

I didn't know having a pet rock was bad. :o

I agree, 88. I wouldn't go off and call her dumb just because she has a pet rock. Let her have her freak flag, and let the chick fly it. Being supportive is an important part of a relationship. OP's loss, it seems.

So you're saying that your relationship has been on the rocks lately?

Why aren't you taking it seriously?! You have to wash it, feed it, trim its hair! So what is the rock's name.

The Italian stallion, Rocky Balboa. Need I say more?

No, its name is Iggy. You know, short for Igneous?

Well his real name's Dwayne Johnson. He got the nickname "The Rock" from his wrestling.

Looks like you are stuck between a rock and a hard place!!!

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You can't joke about people pets, it's stone cold serious

Should have been all "That's nice, babe. Let me show you the pet rock in my pants."

"Ya know, babe, most guys have pet rocks.."

LOL DKM THO but by the sounds of this FML I'm thinkin this chick can't be any older than like 13 tho.

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"I'm gonna rock your world, baby."

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Here comes a million stupid rock zingers