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Today, after several months of eating right, exercising, and weight loss, my mother has yet again arrived at my house, unannounced and with a very sugary cake. She's been doing this most weeks since I lost 50 pounds. FML
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Doesn't sound like your mom's being very sweet

Maybe she's saying that you need to sweeten up? Don't give her such a frosted response- appreciate her kindness, even if it's Devil's Food!


That sucks OP, way to go resisting the urge to eat it, though!

Cake does, and chances are, OP has reduced their sugar intake. Something very sugary can make it difficult to stay on track, and could even increase your sugar cravings again. Guess what you can find lots of sugar in, which in turn makes you fat :)

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yeah op resist! I am guessing you're telling her no thank you but that you'll sit with her while she has some? She might feel guilty for eating in front of you and stop bringing it, but you still keep the time spent together, her most likely reason for coming over. At least this is how it would all go down with my mother in law

34 It does make you fat. I lost 2kg in 2 weeks the only thing I did was drinking water instead stuff like Cola. I didn't even do it cause I wanted to lose weight it just happened.

Actually, sugar is the #1 cause of obesity because it ***** with your hormones

Natural sugar from fruits and vegetables don't. Refined sugars in things like cake do when consumed on a regular basis

Sugar gives you energy that, when unused, is stored as fat and screws with your hormones.

I would take the cake then after you thanked her for it .drop it on the floor then step in it. After a few weeks either she will give up or you will cave in.

Maybe she should try talking things out first?

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#2 that's horrible!! There's no reason to be cruel to her mom. Just give the cake to someone else!

Assuming the mom is aware of her daughters weight loss and she's trying to mess with her, it's not rude at all. But if not then yeah I agree

Yeah excellent idea, dirty your own floor and feet/shoes repeatedly to make a point.

That's what I think too. People who are close to each other can become jealous if one loses a lot of weight, and they might not realize they're doing it. Losing weight and keeping it off is very difficult, and your success may remind them of their failures. They may unconsciously try to sabotage you. Talk to her about it, OP. You didn't say that you've ever told her not to bring cakes. Maybe she needs to be told that you are trying to stay away from things like that. It seems like an obvious thing, but she isn't seeing it.

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Definitely. When I lost 50 pounds a couple of years ago my mother did the same. Thankfully the rest of the family backed me up.

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Have a small slice to make her happy, then throw the rest of it away after she leaves. Also dump extra garbage on it to keep yourself from caving in. Congrats on the weight loss.

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It should be her mom trying to respect OP's life choice, not the other way around

Maybe she's saying that you need to sweeten up? Don't give her such a frosted response- appreciate her kindness, even if it's Devil's Food!

that's very unfair of her. op, keep your resistance up! plaster your kitchen walls with pictures of the body you are trying to achieve, so that when you go to cut a slice, you are reminded that you are working towards a sweeter goal

That's awful OP, but it sounds like you have to rely on yourself here. You've (from what I know) have done a great job losing weight, and if your mom isn't supportive than you just have to try to use her negativity to fuel your inspiration! Nice job so far though!