By musicyman55 - 19/12/2009 07:48 - United States

Today, my girlfriend who I love very deeply dumped me two times, over the phone. The first time was to dump me. She then called me back a couple hours later explicitly to dump our friendship. I was just friend dumped. FML
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Wow, never really heard of a "friend" dump... Guess she wanted to cut you out of her life completley!

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because he must have done something to her

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yeah...its always the mans fault of course. Men are such ****** animals... no woman can ever be a cheating/lying bitch. Theyre just too pure for that (/sarcasm)

Sure! it is always the men who do the bad things and broke the poor litle girls heart... we, men, are pure monster, have no emotion and just want to make girls sad! (/sarcasm)

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Definitely! We only exist as sex crazed demons who want nothing more than to make women feel miserable... Well that's what my GF's mom seems to think....

My ex was "pure" with another guy. Guess I caused that too?

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If anything, guys are more faithful because a girl tends to get bored easily. Can't make up their minds!

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Alright, everyone who replied to this is pulling that sarcastic "guys are always bad" bullshit. People don't just randomly flip out like that unless they did something, or they're convinced that they did.

Send her some ****. She'll be needing it if she keeps this up.

She'll find someone better than this clown. He probably cheated on her.

The bastard probably killed her and then raped her dead body, what a sick bastard.

No, that's what I did to her. It's just that she tought it was him.

Wow, never really heard of a "friend" dump... Guess she wanted to cut you out of her life completley!

Least she didn't use "we can still be friends" to break up with you

it's funny how most people wana stay "friends" after they break up, I say it's a waste of time, it be to awkward. but I know what this guy went through. be strong

Seriously dude, how could someone that you "love deeply" (apparently) hate you enough to do that. I'm assuming that she never really considered herself to be your gf and that your "deep love" creeped her out.

Even if she did consider him her boyfriend (it did say she dumped him, after all), his "deep love" still might have creeped her out.

Has it occurred to anyone here that boys aren't the only cheating lying ****** around?? The OP might have been a sweet and loving BF, but the GF might have been cheating on him and losing interest, then decided to cut him off.

You banged her sister while you were drunk, didn't you ?

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I don't blame him, i bet it would be fun to bang 2 sisters

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Ugh...this reminds me of daily high school drama. You get dumped, and you hate each other, only to end up being friends again after sometime. Give the OP a week, he'll probably post another FML with a similar story. Not taking sides.

I'm with #1... what the hell happened?! FYL

She's probably doing drugs and had a nervous breakdown. Now the voices control her life.