By Gas-pingForAir - 19/09/2016 08:59 - United States - Columbia

Today, my girlfriend managed to trap a fart in her nightgown and carry it all the way from the bathroom, into our bedroom, and finally into our bed. FML
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That takes skill

That is the exact thought that I had when I read op's post.

OP's girl is a motherfucking Jedi.

she's a keeper!

That is one impressive nightgown! Just tie her to a basket and go around the world in eighty days.

Her night gown must be incredibly fartified to contain gas so effectively.

Also known as the Trojan Horse. It takes years to master such an attack.

RIP, literally

Man stay away, she is suicide boomer trained by Bin Laden himself.

Seriously? That was a bit much.

That was an incredibly tasteless and disgusting joke to make #8, Absolutely disgusting.

LittleLittlered7 6

I watch BMeister22 on YouTube bc he takes regular episodes and hilariously messes them up, quite often adding farts. Last one I watched had Marcia farting in her nightgown so your post made me laugh extra hard

Why should we care?

The Trapstar... The one today's rappers talk about...