By Anonymous - United States
Today, I spent hours cooking a big dinner for my parents for the first time. I guess I made the steak too rare, because when my dad cut into it, he said "Christ! This thing's practically alive!" and said a skilled vet could probably bring the cow it was cut from back to life. FML
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Noooo. It's perfect. As we say, go and get it from the farm, wash its ass, knock the horns off, and put it on the grill. When it jumps, flip it over, when it jumps again, put it on my plate.

  _awwhellnaw_  |  45

There is a big difference between undercooked and overlooked - namely the amount of blood when cutting the meat.

  cupcakebruh  |  21

Since its their first time they should probably have made something with ground beef. Its kinda hard to undercook ground beef just as long as you know to keep cooking it till its all brown with little to no pink left.

By  _kyleG_  |  34

That's when you act fancy and in your best condescending French accent say, "Zit eez prepared bleu you ignorant American."
(It helps if you twirl your waxed mustachio while doing it)

By  tdawg91  |  17

Lol! Whenever my dad hosts a BBQ he sets the steaks on 3 different plates so people can help themselves, he labels them "medium" "still eating the side salad" and "cremated"

By  Randomxnp  |  10

If you cook a steak right it should be on the plate before the echo fades from its last "moo". Sounds like you got it a little over done. If you need to cut it to see the red then it ain't underdone.