By poopydaddy - 03/05/2013 11:32 - Canada - Oakville

Today, I found out that every time my girlfriend takes a big dump, she pretends as if she's giving birth and screams uncontrollably. I just moved in with her. FML
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Too late to DUMP her now.

If only childbirth was like taking a big dump..


Too late to DUMP her now.

That would be a bit harsh. I don't think that it would be that bad. If you really like her, it shouldn't bother you that much. If anything, go outside while she does that. haha

Jelbeztok 17

It was a pun

lol. It's even capitalised.

Wow it seems as though this joke went straight down the toilet.

I was gonna reply with a whitty comment, but I don't give a crap.

At least its partice for when she is

Misswildsides 22

*practice Yeah, and when and if that time comes, she'll realize pushing poo is nothing compared to pushing out a baby.

then again it might just be the infamous "Mud Butt"

PeaceIsFree 9

She might be wanting out

or maybe she just finds pooing boring and finds ways to pass the time. i read personally, but whatever floats your boat...


how many Kourics was it?

Now you got me thinking Fat Bastard. "Oh, boyeh, I gah a bih of a castle 'ead pokin out, eh?"

If only childbirth was like taking a big dump..

It kinda is... It's just a giant 8 pound screaming dump that comes out the vagina

Well... I mean most people do take a dump while giving birth...

Threnody666 19

#71: Is your picture from SWTOR?

Sneak laxatives in her food. Then she wont have to push so hard lol Jk

I once had a girlfriend tell me 'I don't care how big and messy it is, it's still nothing like giving birth'.

olpally 32

She apparently likes crowning her poop with loud noises. Be glad she doesn't text your family what shape it is.

But this one looked so much more like a banana than the last one!!

perdix 29

So, when she's done, does she wait around for the afterbirth? And, are you starting a college fund for each one? That could work out expensive.

perdix 29

#30, isn't this whole discussion, though?

Perdix, I believe he meant to say " That was THE shit!"