By jrocks - 19/05/2009 17:06 - United States

Today, as I was watching a DVD, I noticed a spider crawling on my crotch area. So, I panicked and smashed the spider, smashing my nuts in the process. FML
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breenarae25 0

that's why u FLICK it , not smack it... duhh

Trevv 0

You'd be amazed at how stupid people can be... This is nothing.


wowfmlife 0

Hahahaha YDI

breenarae25 0

that's why u FLICK it , not smack it... duhh

peasonearth 8

at least he didn't call then "snow globes" like everyone else.

Lmao that spider mustve been horny

HisBabyGirl4ever 0

yeaup. and the spider wanted all of his legs to be shaking xD

marinesgirl9 0

i hate spiders. but bad idea to hit yourself in the nuts :P

It's called flicking it off. Not smashing it, killing it into you testicles.

OP YDI for beeing scared of a fucking spider

YDI As a guy, you should know what to do (and not do as the case may be) when things are near your balls. "Smashing" is not an adjective that you should use when it comes to your nuts.

yeah man its totally a Verd!!!! hahahahhaa wow your both dumb

Amy_10 0


how big was it?..... the spider? Not very smart, but hard to inhibit reactions like that.

The good news is, if you panic when you see a spider you can't have had much balls to smash in the first place.

sometiems u gotta think before u react man

#8 ftw. OP: You're a fucking Sally! I hate spiders but really? Did you scream like Flanders too?