By nicefamily - United States
Today, I found out my driver's license was suspended last year for a DUI ticket that wasn't paid. Apparently, someone had used my identity info to avoid the ticket on their record. The cops showed me the guy's picture taken when he was arrested. It was my brother. FML
nicefamily tells us more :
for any interested - my brother didn't have a license because it had already been revoked for DUI's. he blew a 0.24 on 'my' DUI. he was about 40 lbs heavier and 4 inches taller than my license info, so the cops didn't care. i did tell them who he was, but i haven't seen him in years and have no idea where he is or if he's alive or not. i reckon every family has at least one loser to deal with.
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  esquared77  |  0

On top of that... did he think they wouldn't figure it out... I mean, come on! I'll fool them all, I'll blame it on my brother and no one will suspect a thing. What an idiot.

By  nikki1001  |  0

lol my uncle's brother did something similar to him and got him banned from an entire state.

Anyway, that sucks. Either you and your brother are twins or the cops were idiots for looking at the license and not noticing the guy in the pic and the guy in question don't look alike. Because clearly they didn't ignore a license and just take information--he had to have a license or else he would have been in a whole 'nother mess of trouble.

I can just go on and on with this one....