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Today, due to a new tattoo, I can't wear a bra for the next few days. My coworker knows about it and thought it would be funny to blast the air-con all day. I swear I could have used my nipples to type this, instead of my fingers. FML
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Hi guys! OP here, I know it's a bit late, but here's some more detail. The tattoo I got was an under boob piece, so it's highest point reaches mid cleavage, lowest point in about an inch above my belly button, and it is the width of my entire torso. I had a vest top on underneath my work blouse, and a heavier work blouse on than I would normally wear to combat any nip attacks during the day, I just wasn't expecting to be sat under an air conditioning unit for 9 hours! I'm not allowed to wear a hoody at work due to my office's employee dress code, and as I heal in a few days normally (this is my 10th tattoo) I didn't think I'd need to buy any nipple covers for one day of work! My colleague didn't mean any harm by it, and actually apologized once he read some of these comments! so thanks guys :)

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Key their cars with your nipples in revenge. Don't actually, but yea they're assholes.

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Hopefully you didn't rip 2 holes in your shirt!


Key their cars with your nipples in revenge. Don't actually, but yea they're assholes.

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They sell things specifically meant to cover your nipples, I'm sure you could find them OP.

Yeah, they're called nipple tassels. Totally work appropriate. ?

No, there's such things as pasties which #38 is probably referring to. It does exactly what OP needs, but not sure if she has any limitations due to the tattoo there.

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Don't be a smart-ass 54. I was clearly talking about pasties, just forgot the name when the comment was made.

Because qcknd is the only woman ever to get a tattoo...

No, but qcknd is currently getting her back done, her last tattoo talk Tuesday was about her last session on her back

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Not everyone knows who that is. I do, but that's a pretty obscure reference to make.

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Hopefully you didn't rip 2 holes in your shirt!

Or at least included some pictures for us.

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Actually, they advise you not to wear a bra if it's anywhere a bra would cover. This also includes your back and ribs.

I got my back tattooed and had to wear a bathing suit top or shirts that went below my middle back for weeks. Maybe try not being a dick.

Agree! People on here are gross idiots with bad tattoos according the negative votes you've received!

Quit getting bad tattoos on your back and ribs then.

Those negative votes were for a good reason, he was being judgemental and insulting, just like you are now, based on something that doesn't effect you AT ALL. Also, you have no idea what the tattoos people are discussing here look like, so you can't judge whether or not they're "bad"- which by the way is subjective. Oh and people are gross just because they have tattoos? You need to grow up and stop acting like a stuck up 12yr old, the only "gross" one here is you, having contempt for people based in purely aesthetic things. "The only difference between tattooed people and non tattooed people is that tattooed people don't care that you don't have tattoos."

Hhsts no biig desl, Op. I'm doinh it rigght now and it"d not evrn cold!

Sounds like that colleague isn't your breast friend.

At least you don't need any batteries to get you started.