By Messiahman - 30/10/2011 01:31 - United States

Today, I was playing twister with my girlfriend at the school carnival. I jokingly squeeze her butt, only to find her mom standing right above us. FML
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Ask her mom to join you guys


Ask her mom to join you guys

Not every situation can be magically transformed into a porno

Squeeze her butt too.. maybe she was just jealous.

Dw worry guys OP said it was only Jokingly so it really wasn't a problem.

n_epic_fail 14

7- no but we sure can try. Anything can happen in Texas

12 don't worry worry?

This joke is played out, FMLers.

thrAsHeRr9081 16

7 - Rule #34. Enough said.

SamBaBam98 0

Wait which school carnival cuz I was at one In my town in Texas and I played twister

You play twister at school carnivals? I'm jealous..

mom was already playing with them

Does not mean a guy can not dream for that one magical porno day

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memily63 12

Is that even English..?

TheDrummingResul 0

Cheating had absolutely nothing to do with that FML and you butchered that sentence so bad...

Was it a soft butt ?

Was it the right hand red it always gets me twisted.

I prefer the Adult Twister where you add pink and brown to the spinner, and play it oiled up and naked.

Telescope 1

I'm sure it was fun trying to explain that.

That's not an fml. Are you fucking twelve?

yadisingh 5

Goodsawt? The fuck is that?

#40 u made me laugh :P

#40 u made me laugh :P

At least it wasn't naked twister.

Mister_Triangle 21

Everybody wins in naked twister. Well, except me. I have no friends so I can only play naked twister alone with my antique pool noodle collection.

If only your snail weren't such a party pooper.

I've never even heard of naked twister!!

^ oh boy, your missing epic fun then.

Garytt 0

"She had a spider on her butt"

haha, funny :)