By lez probs - 18/05/2013 12:54 - United States

Today, my girlfriend and I were about to have sex for the first time when her mother unexpectedly came home. In the rush to get dressed, we accidentally put on each other's shirts. Her mom noticed. FML
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narkill 13

Ah, young love. A delightfully terrifying thing.

I'm curious as to what happened, afterwards. That really sucks, though. FYL.


I'm curious as to what happened, afterwards. That really sucks, though. FYL.

It was probably very awkward, whatever it was. OP's username leads me to believe they're lesbian. :P It was probably more funny for her mom to see they switched shirts though.

ThatGuyWhoTalks 10

#44 lesbians can't have sex, unless they had a strap on

That might be the most depressingly idiotic comment I've read all day.

Cheer up Sirin, he's just an idiot in a moron's clothing.

They really should make the ability for us to upvote staff comments

fishstick557 14

Happened to me... Worst feeling in the WORLD

You're a lesbian, #89?!?

Its a pity we can't up-vote sirin's comment....because it'd probably have 3x how many down votes 64 got.

Bill, does Hillary know you post on this web site?

Are you serious lol

narkill 13

Ah, young love. A delightfully terrifying thing.

Just tell her you were playing dress up

then000bster 16

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Hold on here, this seems off. Parents will very rarely give approval, and it's not like it's some kind of straightforward "okay, son, you've reached 18 and I 100% approve of you having sex with your girlfriend" Teens have sex. It's a reality, and honestly plenty of them are ready for it. Some of them aren't, I'll admit, but if they're in a fairly committed relationship and got to the point where they're going to have it, I don't see a problem

It's definitely a delicate issue, but teens will still find a way to do it, regardless of their parent's opinions. I just hope the parents in this case aren't overbearing and leading their daughter into a sheltered life. True, the age isn't mentioned, but I've known a few girls at 18 whose parents still didn't allow them boyfriends...

RecklessJellyBea 7

But at certain ages, parents can understand it, while at other ages, they just shouldn't be having it. If they have to plan when mommy isn't over and have to go to such ends to hide it, I reckon they're too young. And if they're 18 , then maybe they should be old enough to share whether or not they are sexual active with their parents.. at least to some degree if they're going to have sex in the house.

I dunno if it's just me but it should be understood that an 18 year old, with a boyfriend/girlfriend, who has possibly been with them for at least a few months, is most likely sexually active. I don't think it needs to be shared. Maybe if they were 15, but that should include quite the pep talk, making sure they're knowledgeable about safe sex, etc. I dunno I've always experienced the girls who were pretty sheltered by their parents growing into the biggest sluts, to the point where people would refer to them by's scary

22, maybe they were planning to have sex while her mum was out because people generally prefer to have sex without their parents kn the same house?

I am going to point out that the op's user name is lez problems so op could be female. That could also lead to the girlfriend's mother disapproving even if they are both of appropriate age.

3 - I'm 23 years old and forbidden from having sex at home. Does that make me too young? Obviously not. Please modify your statement to be less ambiguous.

Nowadays kids are 12-13 having sex. I think there should be a limit somewhere.

70 - it's called age of consent. Having said that, those laws usually have close-in-age exceptions. When I was 12 (9 years ago) sex wasn't unheard of for my peers and was still a very big discussion topic like it is today. The only difference was the lack of social media back then. If a 12 year old can handle it, let them go for it However, almost none of the 12 year olds I work with are mature enough for that sort of thing. This leaves an open door with a screen virtually no one will pass through.

Well thats your opinion. I believe every parents who tell their kids to not have sex till marriage or college are GREAT PARENTS. Because being a teen IS too young to have sex, whether they think their ready or not. Parents tell their children to wait because they want teens to have a life! Live without so much responsibility. Parents say to wait, so that you'll have a great job that pays good(after college). They also say to wait till marriage because as a teen, not all relationships last forever, so sometimes sex is a regret.

-3 so i agree with you.(my above comment was for #15)

83, having sex as a teenager =/= not getting a good job.

MrSarcasmic 10

I don't see how anyone who can't support a potential child is ready for sex. we don't need a world full of teen moms.

you can still be a teen, have sex and still have a life. there are tons of teenagers who do it

87- we live in a world where some people have sex just for fun, and take precautions to not get pregnant. You don't need to be ready for a child just to have sex. I'm in no position to raise a child, nor do I want one, so I make sure I'm on birth control so I don't get pregnant. Are you really saying I shouldn't be allowed to have sex just because I'm not prepared to be a mom? Also, being a teen has nothing to do with it, you could be 40 and be able to support a potential child. It depends on the person and their situation.

then000bster 16

I kept my post brief due to getting within one of the first few comments. I also didnt notice the username >.> I think this would be the big issue here, but they could have been too young too lol. My explanation is if they are still living with their parents there are a few possibilities. One being they are still underage, Two they are forbidden from doing it in the house, Three both one and two. Also factor in that this was going to be their first time. To the couple I'd say plan further ahead than just "my parents aren't home".

You seem a bit confused and contradicted your self.

Not all people after college get good paying jobs and even if they do there is no guarantee that it will last for a career. Also not all marriages last either. Besides if the people or kids are willing to and wanting to they will find a way to do it somewhere

My input for this discussion: sex is nice.

If you don't have a good job to SUPPORT a baby- a family, then sex shouldnt happen.

106 - if/when you lose your job think back to your comment if you decide you want to have sex with your spouse. You'll be a hypocrite if you do have sex based on what you just said.

ilikepie22313 5

70 - i had sex at 13 plenty of times and i turned out to be fine.

One word. Condoms.

I like boobies

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Yeah because people never ever have sex when they are still living with their parents.... You don't know how old they are and you aren't the one getting cocked blocked here.

Cock blocked? Look at the username. Most likely lesbians.

jojimugo 20

Pussy blocked ....

ItsKennyBaby 9

46, I believe the expression is beaver dammed

Oh, I've always gone with "twat swat"

4 - Now I want a CinnaBon :(

rebellionwars 11


Cunt blocked then :)

This is perfect. Maybe another time. :)

I dunno why you got so many negative votes. That was funny.

Yeah. A Hello Kitty shirt is rather noticeable on a guy.

Not so sure Op is a guy "lez probs".

I could be wrong, but the gender isn't stated, and the profile name is "lez probs", OP might be a girl.

That's exactly what I pictured

Well assuming that op was indeed a girl, like some say, its possible then wouldn't both of them be wearing girly shirts?

#26, possibly, yes. but maybe one of them is the so-called 'butch' type.

Or maybe the mom knows her kids wardrobe well enough to tell that OP's girlfriend was wearing her shirt.

Um, couldn't they just say they had traded shirts so they could have something of the other persons? When I was a teenager that wasn't uncommon for a girl to want a guys shirt. I could see that going double in this instance. Just saying, problem avoided?

OP could be a guy that lost a girlfriend to another girl. That guy would have a lez problems.

MrSarcasmic 10

rule #1 if you have to worry about mom and dad you're too young.

Not if you're an adult still living at home like me. I'm a college student at home. I'm mature and old enough for sex, but I still don't like doing it with the folks at home because it's disrespectful and whatnot. So when I wait for them to leave I do as I please, and if they get home early I'd certainly rush to get dressed much like OP.

Thank you!! see its different if your in that stage in your life but just happen to be still living at home, I know it sucks for the moment

Doesn't matter the age it's called respect for their parents.

So if you're one of those people living in a multi-generational home you're not allowed to have sex out of respect for the eldest ones there? That would suck if you were in your forties and married so I'm calling bullshit. Discretion is key, not outright abstinence.

You were just... trying on each others clothes and forgot to change the shirts back... Ya she'll buy that that one!

What is the sex of the OP? I'm looking at OP's name (lez probs) and I'm wondering if the OP is a female. If so, then how would the mom have been able to tell?

She wouldn't have been able to tell very easily. Therefore it's a safe bet OP is a guy.

CharresBarkrey 15

Wouldn't you notice if someone who you lived with all the time suddenly had a different shirt on that you didn't recognize, and her "friend" was wearing one you've seen on the person you lived with?

Perhaps the two have a totally different style? Maybe the mom recognizes her own daughter's shirt? Who knows.

What I was trying to get at was why would the gf's mom think anything weird of it? I know the FML didn't exactly say that the mom was suspicious, but it was sort of implied.

bettyboop428 24

Maybe the mom had only left recently and had returned home early, remembering what both girls were wearing when she left. That is the way I thought of it.

I would assume that she noticed because she had previously seen what shirt her daughter was wearing...

rg350dx 29

"She told me she wanted me to stretch it out!"-OP's gf "Stretch out what? Her vagina?!"-Gf's mom