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  jake_braves  |  25

I agree...that's pretty poor. If you let it end like that next time don't waste two years of a girl's life. That's pretty weak. You just lost your manhood. You lost your girl over a Wow. You should grow some balls and go back and explain it.

  doodlecloud  |  26

He didn't even have to say he brought the cat in with him, just tell her it jumped in itself and freaked out! It's just... mind boggling how anyone could lose a partner over this. The stupidity levels are high here...

  Crossing  |  17

Do you honestly think she would believe him if he told her he tried to take a shower with a cat. I know I wouldn't, unless she already knows he is an idiot.

  VeganVampyre  |  26

She is an idiot too... You can obviously tell the difference between cat and human scratches because cats' claws are much thinner and sharper than human nails and they make very different looking marks. If she can't tell that, or if it didn't at least occur to her to ask, especially knowing that he has a cat... Then there's a problem.

  CatchMe25  |  16

You're not alone! My cat has always loved sitting on the edge of the tub till I'm done. She'll play with the water and sit outside the door if I don't let her in. But she also plays fetch so I think it's a given that she's just weird haha.

By  20minutesto9  |  23

You could have just told her the cat jumped on your back while you were sleeping or something. But that relationship must not have meant much to you if you're just gonna let it go without trying to explain yourself.