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By  alexish128  |  13

What are you 15? You say you love her after a month and then say you're falling for someone else? I think you need to figure things out...continuing a relationship like this is not healthy for anyone.


Consider this Unpopular opinion: her girlfriend could be suffering from depression/anxiety, she could've had an episode recently where she wanted to commit suicide or harm herself but thought of op and realised there was more to live for. Maybe she felt comfortable enough around op to tell her and meant it as a "hey you've given me something to live for". And I'd have to think, did she immediately follow that up with not liking breakups to be manipulative or was it a whole other part of the conversation that's been taken out of context. If she felt comfortable enough to tell op that then that is a sign of a healthy relationship and op just being uncomfortable because they're not used to confrontation on a subject like that...


It's not like it's a rare thing for a straight dude to be turned on by a lesbian couple. I honestly don't see what your point is. What if he is one of those guys that gets off on lesbian couples? Who cares?

  tdawg91  |  17

Oooorrrr accept the fact that her mental state is not OP's fault and OP is free to leave an unhealthy relationship full of manipulation without feeling guilty?

By  CODplayer4lyfe  |  24

A friend of mine was in a relationship like that, where the guy threatened suicide, but he ended up breaking up with her and cheating on her. Honestly OP I would just get some of her friends involved to help her cope (if you plan to leave her soon) so they can keep her from doing anything stupid. I wish you the best of luck that I can.

  CODplayer4lyfe  |  24

I personally think (just from past experiences like mine stated above) that people do that so their partner thinks that they would never leave them, showing false loyalty. But that's just my opinion.

  tdawg91  |  17

My dad was engaged before he met my mum, bitch threatened to kill herself if he ever left her....... 30 years, 2 children and 1 grandchild later, he found out she's still alive.... And still single

By  gongs99  |  11

If you like her now then for now there's no issue, it becomes an issue a few months or years down the road when she tells you she'll do the same thing if you won't marry her. Then you gotta decide either do do it, or find a safe way to break the news to her

  temmera  |  16

It's not just women who do this. My ex boyfriend kept doing this to me until I finally called his bluff by breaking up with him for good. People who do this kind of thing deserve to be broken up with.