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Today, my school had to make an official announcement that students were not permitted to go home due to Zayn Malik leaving One Direction because so many girls were claiming they couldn't focus on school with such a dramatic event occurring. FML
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no wonder the whole world thinks America is full of idiots.

They were headed in One Direction... To failure.


Jeremy Clarkson leaving Top Gear was more tragic than this.

exactly!! i had to point that out in another fml status, i love top gear and im not sat here crying like the world will end!

FOX discontinuing Firefly was more tragic than this!

Jeremy Clarkson is life. I don't even know who that kid is in one fuckrection

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#18, I completely agree!!!

Jeremy punched that dude for a good reason. Top Gear is NOT the same. One Direction should have died before it started

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Are you condoning violence by saying Clarkson hit that producer for a 'good' reason? It should never have gone as far as it did. As for Wand Erection... Pfft.

Since nobody else said it.. Ah hem *clears throat* "There's a button for that"

Why did he punch the producer

He punched him because he was not happy with the food. The guy is a huge dick and a bully. His fans are deluding themselves into thinking that he's this everyday guy, who doesn't care about what people think. Ah, as if! He's a multi-millionaire and a pure product of the industry.

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There's a button for that you know.

Accidentally dropping a piece of candy into the garbage instead of the wrapper is more tragic than this.

#43 normally I don't like to incourage browncoats but today I have to give it to you canceling firefly was worse.

Spike discontinuing BMS was worse...

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@teasindanoobs, BMS was awesome

Guys, take a step back here. This FML says students are attempting to leave school. Think about that for a minute while ignoring their excuses and gender.

at #97 punching a producer because the fiod wasn't right is not a "good reason" to punch someone, it's childish and pathetic. I like Clarkson, I do, I think he's hilarious, but he took it too far this time and frankly I think he got off pretty lightly.

Violence always helps with everything

they're absolutely right. it's absolute bullshit people feel their lives are im danger because he left

Is this what we've come to?

better than cut for Bieber at least

cut for zayn was trending on twitter yesterday....

The cut for beiber train was painted over with zayne...

Cut for beiber was never a real thing, it was just another 4chan shit stir. I'm sure cut for zayn is the same.

Cut for Bieber may have started with 4chan but actual teens started doing it.

They were headed in One Direction... To failure.

Wtf?! Really?!

I didn't know what all the hype was so I looked at the instagram hashtag #zaynmalik.. it's full of 12 year olds posting pictures of themselves crying! So pathetic!

JMichael 25

It truly is. Members leave bands all the time. I was a little sad when Breaking Benjamin broke up because I really enjoyed their music, but I didn't tear myself up over it. Now they're back together and making a new album! If Linkin Park broke up tho? I might actually cry, lmao.

#135 they should have changed their name to Broken Benjamin after that :-D

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Linkin Park would change their name to Linked Park if they broke up.

no wonder the whole world thinks America is full of idiots.

You mean because... it is?

Too bad it's not even an American group...

The group being English has nothing to do with it, the FML is from California, which is in the States..

As they say, the tallest tree catches the most wind.

But this isn't just happening in America. Teenage girls all over the world are losing their shit.

As a person currently living in the US, and grew up in Africa....this band being yall main cause for insanity could also mean that yall have it great

It's to be expected really. Shit band or not, people are really into them. It's not the first time so many teenage girls felt affected by a boyband breaking up, and it won't be the last. Remember what happened with Take That in the 90s.

It's true, this is an example of how terrible the us is

Lets not forget - The Beatles breaking up. Oh, you never heard of them? Ask your grandma. Trust me, she knows.

As a pacifist I am struggling with all my might to resist bashing those girls heads into the wall and throwing their remains into an incinerator.

You sir, have problems. Go get checked. -if you're serious, that is.-

This was in a very recent FML

This is probably how people reacted to The Beatles splitting up. Not saying that One Direction are anything like The Beatles (1D isn't my cup of tea, but who am I to judge what type of music someone else enjoys?) but everyone getting so angry with younger girls being upset over it forgets that every generation has their One Direction and then turns around and laughs at the next generation for being so emotional. The only real difference is that kids now are more likely to get away with pulling the "I have to stay home because I am emotionally distressed" thing. It's lame that the school had to make an announcement about it because it's really sad that people have indulged the whims of enough girls to think they can get away with going home because they're distraught, but let's be fair, puberty ******* sucks emotional balls and at a certain age even the smallest things can make you feel like the world is going to end. Tl;dr: puberty sucks, teenagers have dramatic reactions due to hormones and the amount of vitriol is unnecessary because we were all overly emotional about something at some point.

Childline have issued a statement saying we should take the issue of 1D seriously with young people because they can be emotionally damaged. Personally I'd like to tell em all to man up and grow a pair but Childline are ready to receive distressed calls and there is advice to schools and parents on how to deal with the issue. Also in Manchester a firm that advises employers on legal issues received hundreds of calls this morning from employers asking for advice on employees calling in for bereavement leave (the thing for when a close relative dies!!!) These are grown adults likening this minor event to a loved one dieing. Ridiculous.'re a pacifist but only when people aren't annoying you? Right.

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@sharkgirl4, I thought I saw something about teenagers cutting their wrist and forearms over this nonsense. being a little upset is one thing but cutting yourself and committing suicide come on now, I couldn't believe it

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Just get up and leave

your kidding right

I like this guy.

I would hate to be their parents

I would hate to be related to them in any way.

Why do you have to be penalized because of their ignorance?

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No one is really being penalized here, they have to stay in school all day anyways...