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Today, I was walking through school when I noticed an advertisement for school picture retakes. It read, "Bad hair day?" Underneath was my picture. That's my normal hair. FML
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After posting this, I followed your suggestions and took it to the school. It turns out, it was two of my 'friends' who got a hold of my school pic, enlarged it, and made posters to put around. After some investigation, the school found them. You were right, the school was angry that they put my picture on display on school property without my permission. They got suspended for a week. Thank you guys for all your support and suggestions!

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Don't they usually need permission to use someone's picture in those advertisements?

Don't they have to ask to use your picture?


Don't they usually need permission to use someone's picture in those advertisements?

I thought it was illegal to do that. In any case what the school did was terrible

No, those pictures are technically school property and so legally they can use it as they like (within the school). That is a dick move to use it how they did though. Sorry OP.

99% of the pictures taken by professionals come with a clause that states all photos are owned by X and can be used whenever and however.

When you enroll for school they usually have a form saying whether or not they can use your picture. I'm guessing OP signed the contract saying go for it.

One of my friends had their senior pictures put on a billboard on the highway. She wasn't too happy about that.

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Oh that's ****** up, sue the school for degrading you or using your picture for something you didn't approve.

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How about you sue yourself for being so dense.

Where is the density in #2's logic, if you don't mind me asking? It is a possible lawsuit for not getting OPs permission, especially in the degrading light that the ad has put them in.

Idk about you, #5, but I'd be pissed if someone took a picture of me and ridiculed me publicly.

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Everyone always says sue when stuff like this happens, but honestly I think in the average school you'd lose a lot of rep from doing that. If OP doesn't go to a rich white school then suing might ridicule him worse than this little public ridicule (which could just be played off as a joke).

I'm totally on the same page as you guys when it comes to getting the school in trouble for this, but one question: Here in Canada, we have "media consent forms" which basically enable the school to use our photos. Would this apply to OP's case as well, or would they not be allowed to do this? I'm assuming probably not, but I'm just curious. Anyway, sorry to hear OP, that's really low of them...

Copyright law says that whoever took the picture has the rights to it and can use it however they wish. I don't think OP would have a case, especially since they (or their parents) consented to the original picture being taken. I'm not trying to defend the photo company (or whoever made the sign—and I'm definitely not a lawyer), but I can't imagine OP would be able to sue unless it's outright defamation. Saying someone's having a bad hair day isn't defamation.

31—at my school, students and parents sign media consent forms at the beginning of the year, otherwise students could not be photographed. For school pictures, there's also a consent. Also, the company that does our school pictures makes the fliers posted, not the school. It's entirely possible the photo company made a mistake or thought it was a stock photo. It's slightly embarrassing, but definitely not degrading and law suit worthy.

#33 You make a fair point, but the FML has neither confirmed or denied whether a media consent form is given out at the school, and whether it has even been signed or not. So benefit of the doubt goes to OP.

I feel like the grumpy old lady yelling at the kiddos, but unless it was a selfie OP took, OP doesn't own the photograph. Whoever took it can use it however they want. That's why I always make it a point to talk to my students about copyright. Even if you're the subject, if you didn't click the button and take the picture, you have no legal control over the photograph (though some states are enacting revenge **** laws that challenge that definition of ownership). It might not have even been the school that made the poster. It's a funny story, and it sucks for OP, but I feel like everyone's overreacting a little. But, I'm also in my forties and I have thick skin (some of the teachers and I always pose for bad hair day or other goofy yearbook pics). I'm sure if I was 25 years younger and this happened, I'd be devastated. Still, I think, at best, OP might get an apology and the picture taken down.

At least at every school I've been to you sign a form saying the school can print your pictures for anything within the school. You have to sign it t be in the yearbook, but they can Also use to for things like this.

Just because they have the right to use doesn't mean they can or should in a way that is embarrassing to OP. ****, high schooler's are fragile enough without the school downright insulting them by saying their hair always looks like shit.

Don't they have to ask to use your picture?

You sign a release form to even allow the picture in the yearbook. The school owns that picture and can use it how they please.

It doesn't matter who took the picture, it's what the picture was used in that matters.

Excellent. No student loans for you! You just qualified for free college! What a win. Just remember to look horribly distressed for the next few weeks.

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That's pretty shitty. First of all they used a picture of you without your consent and then basically degraded it. I'm sorry op! Go to the school administration and make a complaint. Use the word "lawsuit" and that should get them sweating.

That might be the work of some students, and school didn't take it down immediately because they probably assumed OP gave consent. OP, go to someone and they'll take it down

What moron would purposefully give consent to be in a bad hair ad anyway?

Let's try reading the comment again. Take your time.

"Because they assumed OP properly gave consent" is what even prompted the question, dumbass.

You can sue the school for that. That's straight bullying what kind of school is that?

No excuse for what they did. Start off by taking your story to the media, THEN sue their a**es! That way you'll make double the money and get the last laugh. Good luck OP

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