By MomOfBoys - 22/12/2016 21:20

Today, it's early-release before Christmas break for the kiddos, and my awesome-sauce boss let them hang out in our law office for the afternoon. So far, one has puked in the conference room, and the other has clogged the toilet. Only 2 hours to go. FML
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YDI for using the phrase "awesome sauce"

Sounds like the day is going very well


This one was submitted a few days before Christmas. Apologies for the delay!

Sounds sick.

Way to start off your break OP... Better luck for spring break!

Ooh. Hope your kid feels better now and felt good for Christmas. It would suck to be sick for it. For your other one, it may be good to have him/her supervised while your at work if possible. It could have been worse. Merry (late) Christmas OP!

YDI for using the phrase "awesome sauce"

I read the awesome-sauce as being sarcastic, so it changed the context of the passage and made my head hurt. Initially.

I'm embarrassed by the term "awesome-sauce"

YDI for calling them "kiddos"

Sounds like the day is going very well

Who the hell uses the phrase "awesome-sauce?"

cootiequeen4444 11

Your "awesone sauce" boss: kids in the office. never again. (p.s. I forgive you for awesome sauce *pat pat*)