By joeshmoe - 15/01/2012 12:52 - United States

Today, my girlfriend hummed the Jeopardy theme while I was trying to undo her bra. FML
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weepingangel_fml 7

At least you got a girl with a sense of humor?

MikeMikeTheAzn 3

Yeah, undoing bras are hard bro :(


MikeMikeTheAzn 3

Yeah, undoing bras are hard bro :(

1- but you know what else is hard.... His concentration!

theten_fml 9

Should of hummed eye of the tiger for a little self motivation. *hmm!!!...hmm.hmm.hmm...hmm.hmm.hmm......hmmmm.hmmm.HMMMMMMM!!!*

Jakesterk96 8

Undoing bras is not hard. It's actually pretty easy. I've perfected the one handed move pretty well.

AND We have a winner your prize? Well look in front of you :D!

KRS_13 0

At least she has humor:) or she was getting impatient with you..

MSvictoria 0

If you do it enuf you shud be a pro ;)

farnsworth 3

It's ok I almost had the Same problem this one time I saved the world from rampaging robots

It's just beginners experience, gotta learn somehow

FurryRocks 10

I'm only thirteen and am a pro at that

Hey mr. Pedophile, your account says your 19... What's happening here? >;O

Seriously bras are relatively easy to do, it shouldnt enough of an issue that it ruins the moment. But I guess some dudes more than others mite get really nervous and lose the plot. Anyway, grow some balls.

I find it funny that all the "bras are simple" are being massively downvoted and "bras are haaaaaard" are being upvoted. Seriously, turn a girl around, look at how the clasp works, pay attention while you undo it, and you've taken 20 seconds to learn a skill you'll use your whole life. Worry about getting fancy later!


Hell ya it is the 1st time i undid my gf bra i took me about a min n she got irritated cuz i couldnt get it off till i finaly did now ima pro just 5 undos latet

The_Tool1 13
TheKeatonator 5

The trick is pinching the clasp with your thumb and forefinger and it pops right off ;)

And you must be the smartest person here! *Gives 2 a cookie*

bizarre_ftw 21

Joeshmoe's a guy?! You think?!!!

#17 No, but we can all identify OP's gender just fine. *Takes cookie and EATS it*

39- I think everyone can, except for, well not gonna point any virtual fingers.... *cough* #2 *cough* *shuffles around for another cookie*

97- farnsworth, your blood pressure is high enough

2, I accidentally gave you a thumbs up, please don't take it as a supportive gesture to your retarded comment

Hahaha I like cookies, it be funny if he was a gurl hehehe

Where'd you park your squad car, detective?

RedPillSucks 31

I want a cookie... Ahhh! Sonofoa!!!! They're all gone

kristena103 14

#97 I always read ur comments as like ur saying it like ur old lol I can't stop it just comes to me! Lol

blackstar994 5

Hey! The next cookie he finds is MINE! I'll fight you to the death for it! Then I'll split it with everyone.

Really I never thought of that note my sarcasm

gurly98 13

WTF? Him being a girl wouldn't be funny! Do u even care about how homosexual people feel? How old are you, 10?

weepingangel_fml 7

At least you got a girl with a sense of humor?

chaoticxxxmess 3

I do that sometimes. But not during that >.>

Exactly! She could of bitched and moaned but she didn't (: She's a keeper, OP.

xShannonxSammyx 7

3- I love your username. DW FTW.

Kyuubi1589 1

Well that's what you get for taking to long

chane1100 6

Your what is known in America as a ****.:)

America is not a country, nor is "understanding that" a proper form of knowing grammatical correction. All three of the above posters failed Grade 4 Linguistics.

chane1100 6

Last time i check The United States of America ( America for short ) is in fact, a country.

desireev 17

150- What part of TheIslands comment was incorrect? I found no error in it whatsoever.. The way you said it would be " dense to 'understanding that'...." Now that doesn't make sense..

krnpanda 2

Many would disagree. Especially with the many ways that bras can be clipped: A single clip, double clip, front clip, or no clip. It can be very complicated sometimes.

It's still not rocket science. You can use the internet to look up how to undo a bra. You can't just learn rocket science on the internet in a day.

ssnowywinter 0

If you need to use the Internet to figure put how to unclip a bra there is a problem.

No, it's rock-it science ehh? No, that was just...

They're really not that difficult unless you're a slow learner or you recently suffered severe head trauma.

RedPillSucks 31

Well, If you're doing it in the dark, trying to reach behind her back, it may be a bit of a challenge. Especially if it's your first time. I always troll the internet looking for how to undo my next ex-girls bra-strap. Doesn't everybody?

Rocket science isn't that hard... It's just some math, chemistry, and common sense. Oh and did I mention the PRETTY PICTURES?!? Okay so it's really model rockets + college math, but you get the idea

I'm tootally gunna pull that on my boyfriend now x) ur girlfriend rocks.

KiddNYC1O 20

Your boyfriend wears a bra? =P


Nooo dumbass wen her bf is undoing her bra shes gunna do that to him -_-'

that's a lot of pressure hopefully you didn't get buzzed