By Vitriol - 15/01/2012 18:14 - France

Today, while I was peacefully sleeping, I felt a hand suddenly slap my forehead. Then fingers began to press against my mouth, then nose, then eyes. I finally woke up to my girlfriend laughing hysterically. She'd confused me with her clock-radio. FML
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hero93 tells us more.

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it took me 10 minutes to understand what OP was trying to say. and then when I understood I was like why is this on here ?

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Aww, that's too cute. I'm sure you both shared some laughs. If not, and you got upset with her, you're a dick.


how does that even happen? does her alarm sound like someone snoring?

If i were you I would "confuse" her face with a sandwich But that's just me :3

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#1 It's a little thing called a mistake. Something that is made everyday, and your's, my friend, is the comment you have posted.

What's up with all these first world problem FMLs?

You must make very weird sounds in your sleep...

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Rule 34?

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25 knows how it is.

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I can't stop imagining that OP's head is the shape of optimus primes...

Stay off the drugs, Crackpot.

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Well that's one way to wake up in the morning

How did she get that mixed up?

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Well, she was sleeping. I doubt she was aware of what she was doing.

She must be the one that turned of Tebow Time

She's my hero then.

Your girlfriend thinks you're a blockhead.