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Today, during a family dinner, my favourite underwire bra got tired of its job and tried to shish-kebab my boobs. FML
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That is extremely painful when that happens! Sorry OP, but at least you get to go shopping for more bra's! Victoria secret is having a sale :)

57 what makes you think she got to go shopping? I've been so broke before that I had to continue wearing a broken bra for weeks before I could afford another one.

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*has* to go shopping And as for your question, I think she does so she can purchase a new bra because her's broke. I was not in any way implying that she HAS to go shopping but if she wanted to buy a new "favorite" bra Victoria secret has a great selection, as well as a sale on. Perhaps You should write your own FML story about the pain you had to endure when you had to wear a broken bra for weeks. This leaves me wondering though, most women own more than one bra. Seeings as you had to put up with a broken bra for weeks i assume you only own the one. When would you wash it? And when you did you would let your ladies hang.. Why not just let them be free instead of having a wire poke you all day?

Because I'm a DD and that would be gross. I owned three bras and they all broke because they couldn't handle the weight and I washed them all every time I wore them. Bras in my size are expensive and hard to find.

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I have a cousin who used to have DDD. I understand what you mean about them being pricey! My cousin actually went for breast reduction because she was in so much back pain!

57- your comment was irrelevant to 1's comment.

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75- as is yours. That's okay though, it happens.

the only bras that have ever given me underwire problems were my bras from victorias secret. they were only a couple of months old, the ones I got for $7 at walmart last summer still look brand new. go figure

Yay, Walmart! Lol I agree. Victoria's secret bra's are not worth their price.

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I can only buy Victoria secret. They are the only ones who carry my size that will last. I used to buy Walmart and target brands, but after a few months they couldn't handle the stress and weight. Under wire would pop out, straps break, fasteners broke and bent it was a hassle. Then my sister got me a Victoria secret bra and it was like the heavens opened for me. They have lasted me for years I have never had one break.

Yeah 81- I ended up pulling the wires out of the four I bought at Victoria's secret. They sucked. Best bra's I own are from target at half the price, even during a Victoria's secret sale! So OP was probably wearing one during dinner, that she got from that place. Admittedly the best place to go for perfume (in my opinion) was Victoria's secret when they sold my favorite Dream Angels scent. Too bad they stopped making it. :(

68 - Your grammar correction was irrelevant, as there was never anything wrong with the comment you corrected. Good effort, though.

I'm a dd and I have no problem finding bra's I actually have a collection of them because I do not like wearing the same one everyday and i have ocd when it comes to matching. As for Victoria secret, they actually suck evety bra i bough from there wires popped. if you are from Canada la senza is actually way better. Never had problems with the wires.

Why not a bra fitting? I've seen enough what-not-to-wear to see that every woman who does it comes out happy as heck. Maybe that? No?

Possible that 64 had the fml with the one bra that fell off and she had to staple it back together.

Haha wow you are a loser! Not everyone likes Victoria secret and they are stupidly expensive. Op maybe try a LaSenza they might have something nicer and cheaper for you!

I agree with the bra fitting. If your bras break all of the time, no matter your size, they are probably too small for you. I'm a DD and all of my bras are perfectly fine, I buy a few at a time because the straps on mine like to lose elasticity after a few months. They don't have to be expensive ones, it's just the expensive ones tend to last longer and support you more.

43 - I ****** love you lol but who can say no to thick thighs!

i love how it's become a conversation about bras.

97 "she got to go shopping" is okay to you? 68's correction was fine.

#71 I'm a DD and have never had a difficult time finding bras in my size. Especially at Walmart.

If you're going to spend the money anyway, though, Nordstrom's is loads better. @121 It might not be formally correct, but the correction was technically wrong, I think, because it looks like 'got' means 'was able to' here, not 'had to'. No offence to #68. :)

I said "got to go shopping" as in "what makes you think she was able to go shopping". There is nothing grammatically wrong with that statement. I'm not ghetto and no I'm definitely not the chick that stapled her bra back together. Also, you can find DD bras at Walmart, but only up to a certain size. 42 DD is typically the largest and that one is not always available in a style that I like and feel comfortable wearing. Speaking of Walmart, I now have some produce to stock. X_X

DD complaining about bras? You guys are whiners I see those everywhere! I can only get my size at Nordstroms. And no cute ones... Sadness. And I've heard for a bra to support you right you are suppose to get a new one every three months or so. Not that I'm saying everyone can do that especially when they are $60 bras.

If you can't get a new $60 bra every 3 months... you ****** up. Go back to school and get a better job, bro.

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Especially with a hint of underwire.

You should've fed them before dinner OP. Tsk, its only natural for them to get hungry when they see other eating.

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Don't take it personally, Op. It just didn't know a good thing while it had it. :p A bit embarrassing though, I do sympathize. ;P

That would hurt I bet. But I'm sure the girls at the party would understand what happened.

I feel your pain OP. Underwires are evil like that.

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Yeah, sometimes both wires decide to sheeshkaboob your boob at the same time

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yes and sometimes when you are gobe all weekend and only packed 1 bra both wires poke out of both sides :p not the best haha I even tried duct taping it :p

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Lol sometimes trying to correct your typos will only make it worse. Condolences.

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true but I didnt want to get attacled by the grammar nazis :p

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Anyone else smell virginity above me?

You're an unreliable source, son. *sniff* *sniff* Yep, pure unadulterated bullshit from you.

Nobody here has commented twice! What the hell is going on?

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Usually when women have a favorite bra, it's because they have wore it so many times- thus wearing It out. OP could have had a size "A" boob size, and the underwire still would have eventually poked through. Nothing wrong with big ol' ******* ;)

62 when someone is incredibly stupid they tend to be remembered from FML to FML.

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Sorry, it double posted for some reason. This is me covering it up!

And tonight's entree, shish-kebob breasts, a side of corny fml comments, Bon appetite.

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The comment is even funnier read in the voice of Stewie.