By Anonymous - 11/04/2009 15:47 - United States

Today, my girlfriend got the breast implants she's been wanting for the last 5 years. When I went to pick her up at the hospital she said, "Maybe I can find a guy with a real job now!" I paid for her fake tits. FML
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TheZman 0

You should have proceded to take a needle and pop those bitches

Well if she dumps you, say "Hmm isnt the left one slightly bigger?" No matter who tells her they are fine, it will still eat away at her :)


Eww...fake boobs x(. But still, that's pretty obnoxious of her to say, and it's not fair to you.

SerenitySilver 0

Slap a ho! Hope one of them pop on her new date

_Elizabeth_ 0

Well that sucks. Hope you learned your lesson about paying for something for your girlfriend that would help her get other guys. Good job.

TheZman 0

Ooh that sucks you should have proceeded to pop them with a long needle

elara15 0

Maybe she'll blame it on the anesthesia. It could be a bad sense of humor, but maybe you deserve it for financially backing her vanity. Just a thought.

qwerty475 0

Ouch! NEVER buy your girlfriend anything like that

mannn not fair...if i could get a bf to pay for a boob job for me i would be forever grateful

I hope she was joking even then she should be grateful considering you paid for em

but if op didn't have a "real job" then how did he afford to buy them for her?

Rose_916 16

Never pay for the implants if ur not married to her cuz she could've dump u on the spot after u pay for them ! :p but if she wasn't joking FYL

that's why you don't date superficial ***** :)

FHL! Run!!! Sorry dude! But she's fake, time for you to get a real gf! Like hello how many guys do you think would love her for her (like you!) She'll be back. Hope you moved on by then!