By soldnone - Canada - Toronto
Today, I had a booth at a very expensive craft show. My grandma came to show her support. While there, she managed to knock over my display, get in the way of potential buyers and take down a rather old lady when she supposedly stumbled. This all happened in the first five minutes she was there. FML
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  sens3sfailing  |  24

#1- that's what next years sculpture is going to be of, either grandma will get the hint, or it will get sold for a lot, because let's face it, art is just...yeah that's about it...anything you fucking want it to be. Guess that's the beauty of it, but also the part that confounds me the most.

  KiddNYC1O  |  20

Wait. Are you allowed to begin a sentence with a number? Shouldn't it be 'Eighteen'? Or is it appropriate in this context?

I mean, since we want to get all technical...

  GirlYouNasty  |  11

59- Damn, 25's comment was so upbeat and funny and then your's just made me sad!

Anyway, I'm so sorry for your loss; I've also lost a grandmother and a grandfather, both of whom I miss terribly every day

By  Lionesse  |  15

Aww. Sorry OP that you lost potential buyers but think about it this way, at least she came and tried to show you support. Some Grandmothers don't do that, and the ones that do, we take for granted and don't appreciate them until they aren't with us anymore.

  GhostChickens  |  17

This was my first thought too. It was nice of her to come and support you and, even though you write "supposedly", is it really that likely that she set out to ruin your chances of selling things? Maybe she actually did just trip and grab the other lady. When I fall, I instinctively reach out to find something to hold me up too. Not usually people, but still.