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  0ops_i_died  |  8

I think what 1 is trying to say is, since OP already said she's the craziest bitch he's ever met, her challenge is already completed. At this point she's only competing with herself...

  chippa  |  24

Whoa, swag is waaay worse than YOLO! At least YOLO has a life philosophy to it. Swag is just a terribly stupid sounding word.
In my not-so-humble opinion.

  Church_Vii  |  4

Actually, no. Swag is a pop culture term derived from "swagger", which is not a fictional word developed by teens and semi intelligent communities.

  zen1979  |  16

Swag is also what pirates an merchant sailors would refer to riches or plunder as. Gold, silver or other valuables were called swag as a slang reference.

  Demonfish  |  14

You know, I've seen people accidentally post a comment twice, sometimes even three times, but you sir, must have been aiming to break the FML record, and you may have succeeded.. :P

  obnum  |  19

Why did you comment so many times...? And sometimes in the heat of an argument you say things like that, especially if you're getting frustrated at the other person

  Mioko_fml  |  6

Wow, comment 7-10 all went to you. With the same comment. Leave the send button for a few xD.

But I agree, no matter how heated the argument is, insulting should always stay out.

  mikuxxhatsune  |  31

That's true I guess. I call my friends stupid names as a joke and they do it back. However, if the tone somebody else said it was actually condescending, then I would get pretty angry.