By Anonymous - 18/06/2015 16:56 - Netherlands - Gennep

Today, I was in a hot tub at a public sauna. After chatting with a friendly couple, I decided to go get some lunch. I was halfway out of the water when the man started laughing and said he'd thought I was a woman. I am. FML
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How odd. Presumably you had a top on? He needs his eyesight checked. :-)

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Probably because he thought you had a bulge bigger than his


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Wow I hope you corrected him some people need to pay attention more

sometimes it's hard to tell, sounds like an honest mistake to me

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hey for all we know, OP could have been wearing trunks, a t-shirt, and had short hair

haha most importantly the flat chest

Well if you were in a hot tub that means you were wearing a swimming suit .

21, 48: OP was in the hot tub of a public sauna in Europe, so she probably wasn't wearing anything.

I agree with #53 I also live in the Netherlands and in most saunas you wear nothing except on sundays so it also depend when she went but it's stil rude sorry op

Yeah, but even if they don't wear anything in public saunas/hot tubs in Europe, he wouldn't have said "I thought you were a woman" when she was coming out of the water, seeing that she has lady parts.

tell him you thought he was man until then

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thumbs up for boobs. Just kidding, that would have been an excellent cum back.

50 – I don't need a thermometer to know you gots a feevah!


How odd. Presumably you had a top on? He needs his eyesight checked. :-)

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Maybe they were wearing a t-shirt and shorts. Surely, if they were in a women's swimsuit, the man would have been able to tell.

Since this was in a sauna OP was probably nude.

#68, I know, but since the hot tub was in the sauna (well, obviously not in the sauna cabin, but the adjacent area), the rules remain the same. You have a towel wrapped around you when walking between cabins, showers, hot tub and cold tub, but otherwise you are naked.

Well, you people know me. I usually have a witty pun, but this guy is just an ass. How long of a comment chain can we get of booing?

But...I don't want to be a ghost. :(

Wrong boo, bud. Boo like would if Lebron had won again. (and subsequently had been all ESPN could talk about for five years)


Pooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo p?

I don't understand...I assume you were wearing either a bikini or one piece so even if he thought you looked like a guy wouldn't that tip him off?

Since this happened in the Netherlands I assume they were naked so maybe she climbed out with her back towards them? or has very small breasts?

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Do people in the Netherlands partake in water recreations in the nude?

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#15 or perhaps a very long ********?

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damn. 9 inches of bean flicking?

#20 At a sauna people are usually naked, not so much at a regular swimming pool.

He didn't see her ********, she was halfway out

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He couldn't tell by the type of swim suit you were wearing? Uhh...

In Europe people are usually naked in a sauna. Really small breasts and broad frame maybe?

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They're naked and coed? I thought it was separated by gender.

42, while some places might offer a separate sauna chamber for each gender, saunas in Europe are indeed mixed and used naked. While it might seem outrageous if you are not used to it, for us it is completely normal.

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Probably because he thought you had a bulge bigger than his

Well, you know what they say about butch woman... ... Please tell me, cause I have no idea. I'm sure you're perfectly feminine in your own way, OP.

Good point. This seems rude to say no matter the gender whom he was talking to.