Hard act to follow

By Anonymous - 09/11/2011 12:27 - United States

Today, my girlfriend threatened to leave me if I didn't follow her latest fad of becoming a goth, which involves dressing like an undertaker's haunted hearse and putting on eyeliner. Last week she was into Reggae and beanie hats. FML
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get a new gf :)

Maybe next she will dress like elton john


Tell her that being goth is so mainstream and make up some ridiculous fad, just to see if she follows

The "latest fad"? Where do you live OP? In a potato field in Idaho?

Don't put up with this shit. You're an individual, so MAKE YOUR OWN DECISIONS. Your girlfriend sounds like a bitch anyways.

Goths need love too!!!

best comment on here lol

Phew! Good thing she isn't crazy or anything! Then you'd really have a problem.

I say you take her to a rave lol

Well op, you're the maker of your own decisions.

One weird girlfriend.

"When life gives you lemons, don't make lemonade. Make life take the lemons back! Get mad! I don't want your damn lemons, what am I supposed to do with these?!"

35, okay. But she's not goth..

He said her latest fad

dump her ass off.... seriously i hate those kind of people who just try desperately to be mainstream, at least where you come form OP it's rare and disgusting to see such people, where I come from you kinda have to deal with it and I'm not kidding here around 80% teenagers are exactly the kind of people your girlfriend is, to the point that we even have a word for that kind of people (noveleros), probably the reason I've been single for a year now is because I can't stand those people and like I said most of the people here are like that, it is an epic act just to find someone who's different than most of them, set aside dating them

Hey, at least she isn't skinny dipping with her male friends

I was gonna say something, but someone wake did already =_=

*already Where the hell did "wake" come from XD

33, nice sentiment, but I hope you're not stupid enough to believe that music or a hat defines your fucking existence. Of course, if OP/his gf are not 15 or under they kind of sound like people who should be fed to a wood chipper anyway.

get a new gf :)

I agree, his ass shouldn't have to put up with that.

Dump her and find somebody who is there own individual and doesn't try to follow other people.

Great advice. :/ Hopefully this is a kid though... Sometimes you have to falter a bit to find out who you are. That process can be life long. Don't be so hard on her... She's a bit confused and looking for acceptance in all the wrong ways. If that doesn't work I stocked the blue pedo van with snickers. I need a new wing man for pick ups. Just saying.

I can sympathize with being confused about your identity. But you should never been forcing your "new" identity on someone else. It's just not healthy. Also, ginger, you're doing it wrong. The van is supposed to be white and you're supposed to stock the van with skittles and chloroform. Lrn2pedo

Boys like snickers wrapped in bacon. Tested and certified. :D

Obviously he needs a new gf. Although this might be fun on most days, you might en up dressing like Harry potter one day

What a freak. Do people severely judge her? They should. Break up

100, Hey, don't bring Harry Potter into this. It will not end well for you. *Ahem*imperio*cough*

Sounds like a demanding bitch....

100, did you forget about your bio?

Jammy01jams 2

Nothin to do here! :S

Thts a keeper!!!

ur profile pic is sexyy

Maybe next she will dress like elton john

Or Barbra Streisand!

Or the Beiber.

Or a porn star!

^wouldn't that involve not dressing at all?

Hm. You're right. How about lingere model. Or slut.

She should be able to dress how she wants. You don't have a right to ALLOW her. So Elton John, stevie nicks or even a monkey, let her. Obviously she is just trying new things.

159- ... What the hay are you talking about.

Oops, I meant 179*

179...that's all shits and giggles...but she shouldn't be forcing her boyfriend to do the same

That's quite odd

Then why is she your girlfriend

Ah yes, the identity crisis phase of life; don't do goth man, you're buds will never let you live it down

Run, she may cast a spell on you dude!

A purple spell? *waits for thumbs down from everybody who doesn't get the reference*

Um, what? She's dressing as a goth, not a witch.

Goths are crazy.. Who knows what they can do now day.

Then be goth too! ;)

Or, he can grow a pair, put his foot down and dress how he likes to. And if she doesn't like it she can gtfo.

that's ridiculous

Here's a piece of advice: just say "no".

More ridiculous is her being the total opposite of what she wants to be a.k.a. Wannabe.... Really bad "dark" poser

Well it's better than emo....

Keep it down down, voices carry.

Maybe, but who is to say the op's unstable fake-chameleon girlfriend won't choose emo next?

You look pretty emo...

Whats wrong with Emo people u do kno it's shot for emotional not cutting it just someone who choose to dress different and there more emotional then people so get it right!

So you emos are very emotional I see...apparently, you don't know how to spell either. I'm an extremely emotional person, and I don't call myself emo. I've gone through a major depression and never called myself emo. I think the way you guys dress and act is annoying, and you all try too fucking hard to be so different from "normal" people that you guys didn't realize that you all ended up being the fucking same.

Bi-winning. I'm sad to see kids can't spell these days.

Emo people choose to dress differently because they don't want to be like the snotty preppy people. Who cares what they call themselves it's who they are. If they are happy who are you to judge them?

Hello stereotyper! leave emos alone because obviously you know nothing about them!

Leave her, she sounds immature, unless she's kidding..

Agree. Just threaten to leave her if she doesn't grow the fuck up.

She sounds like fun! With her, every day is Halloween. It's going to be funny when she crosses up her personas (personae?), "I'm so depressed, pass the ganja, mon!"

I'm sure the next fad will be a goth/emo/vampire/rasta combination. Surely there's a South Park episode on this

There's been many South Park episodes dealing with that attacking the issues from multiple angles.

You got it all wrong. It's rhasta/goth/prep/Mike Tyson.

Next stop: Geek chic. I'll lend you my glasses with the thick black plastic frames and my slide rule for the few days you will be pretending to be dorks. Don't worry for me -- I have a back-up slide rule for such emergencies.